How to send an email to all your newsletter subscribers

Noptin allows you to send an email to all your newsletter subscribers.

To do this:-

First, click on Noptin > Email Campaigns to open the email campaigns management page.

open email campaigns page

Next, click on the “New Campaign” button to open the email campaign creation page.

send new campaign

If this is your first time sending an email, Noptin will open the campaign creation page without first opening the campaigns overview page.

Finally, click on the “Noptin Subscribers” button to create a new campaign.

send new campaign to subscribers

Noptin will open a new screen allowing you to edit and send your campaign.

Editing your campaign

Noptin does not come with a drag and drop email builder. Instead, it allows you to write your email as you would normally write a normal blog post and then style the email using a template.

editing a newsletter campaign

This guide shows you how to use a drag and drop email builder.

After editing your newsletter campaign, navigate to the “Recipients” meta box and select which section of your subscribers should receive the email.

Limit the recipients of your email

By default, Noptin will send the email to all your subscribers. You can, however, select which segment of your newsletter subscribers should receive the email campaign.

For example, you can decide to only send the email to subscribers who signed up via a given form or sign-up method…

filter recipients subscribed via

… or use custom fields to limit the recipients. This only works for dropdowns, checkboxes, and radio buttons.

filter recipients custom fields

If you have the Ultimate Addons Pack, you can further segment the newsletter recipients based on their tags or email lists. It allows you to:-

  • Send the email to subscribers in all lists.
  • Only send the email to subscribers in specific lists.
  • Stop the email from sending to subscribers in specific lists.
  • Send the email to subscribers with any tags.
  • Only send the email to subscribers with specific tags.
  • Avoid sending the email to subscribers with specific tags.
filter newsletter recipients by tags and lists

You can also combine all the above filters to create highly unique segments.

For example, these settings will send the email to all married, female subscribers who subscribed via the “Footer Newsletter Form”, and are in the “Deals and Discounts” list but are not tagged “is-customer”.

After deciding on the recipients of the email, it is now time to send the email.

Sending the email

You can find the email sending options in the “Send” meta box.

email sending metabox

This meta box also allows you to send yourself a test email.

4 thoughts on “How to send an email to all your newsletter subscribers

  1. I have about 500 potential subscribers. Will sending all these emails in one set cause my email account to be blocked? I do not want my mail account to be blocked because it is seen as spam.

    1. No, your email account won’t be blocked as long as your subscribers gave you permission to send them marketing emails.

      We, however, recommend you install an SMTP plugin so as to improve email deliverability. There are lots of free SMTP services that you can use.

  2. My email was blocked when I sent out emails using the plugin the first time.
    And I have an SMTP plugin installed….
    I have changed my settings from sending all of the emails immediately to sending 50 per hour, and hoping that will be sufficient enough of a fix.

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