Noptin Knowledge Base

Learn how to collect email subscribers, send them marketing emails, notify them whenever you publish new content and automate your email marketing.


Find out what Noptin is and how to install and translate it. This sections also lists some of the shortcodes that you can use with Noptin.

Subscription Forms

This section shows you how to create newsletter subscription and unsubscription forms. It also shows you how to displays the forms in your posts and pages using shortcodes, widgets and gutenberg blocks.

Subscription Checkboxes

This section shows you how to add newsletter subscription checkboxes to your checkout forms, contact forms, comment and user registration forms.

Email Subscribers

This section shows you how to manage your email subscribers. You'll learn how to import and export your subscribers, how to manage custom fields, how to tag subscribers and how to group your subscribers into lists.

Automation Rules

Automation rules allow you to automate your email marketing. For example, you can set-up an automation rule to automatically welcome first-time WooCommerce customers or automatically tag someone in your CRM when they purchase a certain product.

Sending Emails

Learn how to send your subscribers one-time emails. This section also shows you how to style your emails, how to use SMTP to send emails and what to do when emails stop sending.


This section shows you how to install and update Noptin add-ons. It also lists the documentations for each individual add-ons.
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