Welcome to the Noptin documentation and guide. If you are a developer, you might also want to check out the code reference.


Get started with Noptin. This guide shows you how to install Noptin. It also walks you through how to translate the plugin or run a Multi-lingual newsletter with WPML or Polylang.

Subscription Forms

Learn how to create subscription and unsubscription forms and add them to your website’s sidebars and widget areas, posts, pages, pop-ups, or any other place on your WordPress website.

Subscription Checkboxes

Learn how to connect Noptin to your favorite WordPress plugins. Easily add a newsletter subscription checkbox to your checkout forms, contact forms, comment and registration forms.

Email Subscribers

This guide shows you how to add, edit, delete, import, export, and sync subscribers. It also shows you how to hide subscription forms and checkboxes from existing subscribers. Finally, learn how to label subscribers using tags and lists.

Automation Rules

You can use automation rules to automate your marketing. Automatically do something as soon as your subscribers and customers do something else. For example, you can add a subscription to a given Mailchimp list when they buy a certain product from you.

Sending Emails

Learn how to send your subscribers one-time or automated emails. You can send them a welcome email whenever they sign-up for your newsletter, notify them as soon as you publish a new blog post and so much more.

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