Read this guide to learn how you can display a newsletter subscription form in your posts, pages and text widgets using a shortcode.
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Our newsletter subscription widget allows you to add a newsletter sign-up form to your header, footer, sidebar, Elementor, or any other place that supports widgets.
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Gutenberg Block

If you’re using the new WordPress editor, you can use our Newsletter Block to add a subscription form to your posts and widgets.
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Pop-up Forms

This guide shows you how to create a newsletter subscription pop-up form in WordPress. Unlike normal newsletter sign-up forms, pop-up forms have significantly higher conversion rates. …
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Sliding Forms

Learn how to create sliding newsletter sign-up forms. Forms can slide in from the bottom left, top left, bottom right, or top right.
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Preventing Spam Sign-Ups

Noptin uses several methods to prevent spam signups while keeping the forms easy to use for non-spammers. If, however, you are still getting spam sign-ups, you …
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Smart Tags

You can use smart tags in your form messages, welcome emails, or subscription shortcodes to add dynamic content to the form. Noptin will detect the smart …
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Unsubscribe Forms

Noptin allows you to create a newsletter unsubscribe form so that existing subscribers can unsubscribe from your newsletter.
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