Subscription Forms

Newsletter Subscription Widget

Our newsletter subscription widget allows you to add a newsletter sign-up form to your header, footer, sidebar, Elementor, or any other place that supports widgets.

Pop-up Forms

This guide shows you how to create a newsletter subscription pop-up form in WordPress. Unlike normal newsletter sign-up forms, pop-up forms have significantly higher conversion rates. In fact, the average conversion rate is 3.09%. Below is an example of an “exit-intent coupon code pop-up“. Noptin allows you to create such a system without writing any […]

Sliding Forms

Learn how to create sliding newsletter sign-up forms. Forms can slide in from the bottom left, top left, bottom right, or top right.

Preventing Spam Sign-Ups

Noptin uses several methods to prevent spam signups while keeping the forms easy to use for non-spammers. If, however, you are still getting spam sign-ups, you can install any of the following plugins to fight spammers. La Sentinelle antispam This plugin uses the following techniques to block spam:- Honeypot – this adds a hidden input […]

Smart Tags

You can use smart tags in your form messages, welcome emails, or subscription shortcodes to add dynamic content to the form. Noptin will detect the smart tag and replace it with the appropriate value. If the value is not known, Noptin will replace the smart tag with an empty string. Example 1: Display the subscriber’s […]

Unsubscribe Forms

Noptin allows you to create a newsletter unsubscribe form so that existing subscribers can unsubscribe from your newsletter.

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