Preventing Spam Sign-Ups

Noptin uses several methods to prevent spam signups while keeping the forms easy to use for non-spammers.

If, however, you are still getting spam sign-ups, you can install any of the following plugins to fight spammers.

La Sentinelle antispam

This plugin uses the following techniques to block spam:-

  • Honeypot – this adds a hidden input field that normal people can’t see. If a spammer fills this field then the submission will be marked as spam.
  • Nonces – The plugin also uses nonces to check for spam.
  • Timeout – This will add a timer function to the form. If the form is submitted too fast then the submission will be marked as spam.

Learn more about the plugin.

Google reCAPTCHA by Hizzle

This free plugin uses Google reCAPTCHA to block spammers. You can automatically install the plugin via your WordPress admin dashboard.

Simply open the WordPress plugins install page then search for “Hizzle reCAPTCHA” and install.

Learn more about the plugin.

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