Sending Emails

How to send an email to all your newsletter subscribers

Noptin allows you to send an email to all your newsletter subscribers. To do this:- First, click on Noptin > Email Campaigns to open the email campaigns management page. Next, click on the “New Campaign” button to open the email campaign creation page. Finally, click on the “Noptin Subscribers” button to create a new campaign. […]

New Post Notifications

Learn how to automatically notify users whenever you publish new content, or set-up a daily, weekly, or monthly digest of your latest content.

Email Sending Limits

By default, when you send a newsletter campaign, Noptin will send out the email to as many subscribers as it can. This can cause a problem for those of us who use a shared hosting provider, since most of them have a limit on how many emails you can send per hour. Since Noptin version […]

Using a WordPress SMTP Plugin to Send your Newsletter Emails

Noptin uses the same method that WordPress uses to deliver its emails. The default email delivery method is to send the email directly via your web server or hosting provider. The main problem with sending emails via your web server is that most of the emails will be marked as SPAM. In addition, most web […]

Email Templates

Noptin does not come with a drag-and-drop email builder. Instead, it uses email templates to customize the look of your emails. You can think of an email template as a WordPress theme. It is given the email heading, content, and footer text and then produces the final HTML email. This allows you to do awesome […]

Merge Tags

You can use email tags (also known as merge tags) to display dynamic and personalized content in your emails and success messages. This guide shows you how to personalize your emails and success messages using merge tags. What is a Merge Tag? A merge tag is a placeholder that allows you to personalize email campaigns […]


Sometimes Noptin won’t be able to send emails to your subscribers. Whenever this happens, the problem will probably be with WordPress (or your SMTP plugin) and not Noptin. This is because Noptin uses WordPress to send its emails instead of sending them manually. This guide shows you how to troubleshoot most of the issues which […]

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