Noptin lets you send your subscribers two types of emails:-

Newsletters – These are one-time emails that you can send to all your subscribers. You can use them to announce a new SALE or to remind them of an event.

Automated emails – These emails are automatically sent when a specific event occurs on your website. For example, you can send a welcome email when someone signs up or automatically email your subscribers whenever you publish a new blog post.

Noptin sends both types of emails in the background. Its smart sending engine distributes the sending across your server resources, ensuring that it does not cause too much strain on your server.

As a result, every server can theoretically use Noptin to handles thousands of subscribers.

Using SMTP to send your emails Using SMTP to send your emails

Even though you can send your emails without an SMTP plugin, we recommend that you install one to ensure maximum deliverability of your emails.

Just like any other thing, configuring Noptin to send your emails using SMTP is easy. All you have to do is install an SMTP plugin.

This is because Noptin sends its emails the same way as WordPress.

As a result, it will automatically use any SMTP plugin that you install on your website to send its emails.

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Sending One-Time Email Newsletters Sending One-Time Email Newsletters

To email your subscribers:-

  1. Click on Noptin > Email Campaigns to open the email campaigns page.
    open email campaigns page
  2. Next, click on the Compose New Email button to open the email editor.
    open the newsletter editor
  3. Use the editor to compose your email and when you are done you can then send it to your subscribers.

One thing you will notice is that Noptin comes with a very simple editor that is easy to use.

Composing a new email is as easy as writing any other blog post.

All you have to do is:-

Enter your email’s subject – Keep it short and enticing to ensure your subscribers open the email.

A preview text – This appears next to the subject in some email clients.

And finally your email’s body – This is where you enter your actual email content.

When you are done editing your email, you can click on the Send a test email button to test it out.

If you are happy with how your email looks, you can now send it out by clicking on the publish button.

Noptin will then send your email immediately or schedule it, depending on what you set.

schedule an email

That is all, you can now click on the publish button or save your email as a draft so that you can finish editing it later.

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