Email Sending Limits

By default, when you send a newsletter campaign, Noptin will send out the email to as many subscribers as it can.

This can cause a problem for those of us who use a shared hosting provider, since most of them have a limit on how many emails you can send per hour.

Since Noptin version 1.4.1, you can now set a limit for how many emails Noptin is allowed to send per hour. To do this:-

  1. Open Noptin > Settings > Emails.
  2. Find the “Emails Per Hour” field and set the maximum number of emails you want to send per hour. You can also leave this field blank if you want to send as many emails as possible.
Email sending limits in Noptin

Email Sending Limits by Web Host

For reference, we’re compiling a list of limits imposed by some of the most popular hosts.

Web Host | Email ProviderSending Limits
1and1Servers: 6 emails per minute
Unlimited Pro: 3500 emails per hour
20i Stackmail8,000 emails per day
A2 Hosting100 emails per hour
AccuWeb500 emails per hour
All-Inkl.com1000 emails every 10 minutes
BlueHost500 emails per hour
Charter50 emails per hour
ComcastResidential customers: 1,000 emails per day
Business customers: 24,000 emails per day
DomainFactory ( emails per hour with Sendmail
1000 emails per session with SMTP
DreamHost100 emails per hour
Free.fr100 emails per hour
FrogHost.com1000 emails per hour
Gmail500 emails per day
Google Apps100 emails per hour
500 emails per day
GoDaddy250 emails per day on regular hosting
1000 emails per day on dedicated/virtual servers
Goneo250 emails per hour
GreenGeeks100 emails per hour
hawkhost.com2000 emails per hour
Hivetec80 emails per hour
Homestead10 emails per second
Host Gator500 emails per hour
Host Monster500 emails per hour
Hosting 2GO50 emails per 15 minutes
Hostinger500 emails per hour
Hotmail100 emails per day
Infomaniak20 emails per 15 minutes
InMotion750 emails per hour
iPowerWeb500 emails per hour
JustHost150 emails per hour
LunarpagesShared Windows Environment: 200 emails per hour
Shared Linux Environment: 400 emails per hour
Dedicated Email Server: No limits
Media Temple500 emails per hour
Netfirms200 emails per hour
Netissime500 emails per 15 minutes
PHPNet100 emails per hour
PlanetHoster200 emails per hour
RackSpaceNo limits
RoadRunner1,000 emails per day (per IP)
Rochen100 emails per 10 minutes
Siteground400 emails per hour
Site5500 emails per hour
Synthesis1000 emails per hour
Techark250 emails per hour
TVCNet.com600 emails per hour
VPS.net200 emails per hour
Webcity20 emails per 6 minutes
Westhost1000 emails per hour
wpwebhost.com200 emails per hour
Verizon500 emails per hour
Vexxhost250 emails per hour for shared hosting
500 emails hour for semi-dedicated hosting
Yahoo100 emails per hour
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One thought on “Email Sending Limits

  1. Would it be possible for you considering to implement an option to also let the user set the time interval for sending emails? I am using all-inkl and this option would be very welcomed

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