How to Send an Email to All your WordPress Users

Noptin allows you to send an email to all your WordPress users.

To do this:-

First, click on Noptin > Email Campaigns to open the email campaigns management page.

open email campaigns page

Next, click on the “New Campaign” button to open the email campaign creation page.

send new campaign

If this is your first time sending an email, Noptin will open the campaign creation page without first opening the campaigns overview page.

Finally, click on the “WordPress Users” button to create a new campaign.

send new campaign to wordpress users

Noptin will open a new screen allowing you to edit and send your campaign.

Editing your campaign

Noptin does not come with a drag and drop email builder. Instead, it allows you to write your email as you would normally write a normal blog post and then style the email using a template.

editing a wordpress users newsletter campaign

This guide shows you how to use a drag and drop email builder.

After editing your newsletter campaign, navigate to the “Recipients” meta box and select the WordPress user roles that should receive the email.

You can also exclude specific users from receiving the email by specifying their user ids in the “Exclude” input box.

After deciding the recipients of the email, it is now time to send the email.

Sending the email

You can find the email sending options in the “Send” meta box.

email sending metabox

This meta box also allows you to send yourself a test email.

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