How to Send an Email to All your WordPress Users

Noptin allows you to send an email to all your WordPress users.

To do this:-

First, click on Noptin > Email Campaigns to open the email campaigns management page.

open email campaigns page

Next, click on the “New Campaign” button to open the email campaign creation page.

send new campaign

If this is your first time sending an email, Noptin will open the campaign creation page without first opening the campaign overview page.

Finally, click on the “WordPress Users” button to create a new campaign.

send new campaign to wordpress users

Noptin will open a new screen allowing you to edit and send your campaign.

Editing your campaign

Noptin does not come with a drag-and-drop email builder. Instead, it allows you to write your email as you would normally write a normal blog post and then style the email using a template.

editing a wordpress users newsletter campaign

This guide shows you how to use a drag-and-drop email builder.

Setting email recipients

After editing your newsletter campaign, navigate to the “Recipients” meta box and select the WordPress user roles that should receive the email.

Set email recipients WordPress users

You can also exclude specific users from receiving the email by specifying their user ids in the “Exclude” input box.

Noptin also allows you to filter recipients by custom fields. Your custom fields will appear in the recipients’ meta box if you’re using a supported plugin.

We currently only support JetEngine by Crocoblock and ACF but have plans to integrate with other popular plugins.

The screenshot below shows how to send emails to WordPress users associated with certain custom fields.

filter wordpress users newsletter recipients using custom field values

You can add an operator before the custom field value to instruct Noptin on how to test the value.

For example,

Setting > 24 as the value for the Age custom field will only send the newsletter to users who are 24 years or older.

Here is the list of accepted operators:-

=Equal to
!=Not equal to
>Greater than
>=Greater than or equal to
<Less than
=<Less than or equal to
LIKEContains the value
NOT LIKEDoes not contain the value
INMatches any of a comma-separated list of values
NOT INDoes not match any of a comma-separated list of values
BETWEENMatches a range of values
NOT BETWEENDoes not match a range of values
REGEXPMatches a pattern using regular expressions
NOT REGEXPDoes not match a pattern using regular expressions
RLIKEStarts with the value
EXISTSThe user has the custom field
NOT EXISTSThe user does not have the custom field
List of accepted operators

You should use a comma to separate values when using an operator that expects multiple values as shown in the screenshot below:-

example between custom field
Selects users aged between 10 and 30.

After deciding on the recipients of the email, it is now time to send the email.

Sending the email

You can find the email-sending options in the “Send” meta box.

email sending metabox

This meta box also allows you to send yourself a test email.

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