Automatically Send a Welcome Email to New WooCommerce Customers

This guide shows you how to automatically send a welcome email to new WooCommerce customers.

You can use this email to thank them for their first purchase and maybe send them a unique coupon code that they can use when making their next purchase.

We’ll use an automation rule to set up the email.

An automation rule consists of a trigger and an action. The action will automatically run every time the trigger is fired.

Examples of triggers include someone purchasing a given product, creating an account on your site, or renewing a license.

Actions include; sending them an email, syncing them with your CRM, or sending a webhook.

Make sure you’ve installed the latest version of Noptin in order to follow along with this tutorial.

How to install Noptin

Step 1: Create an automation rule.

First, click on Noptin > Automation Rules to open the automation rules overview page then click on the Add New button to create a new automation rule.

create automation rule noptin
Create automation rule Noptin

Next, set the trigger as WooCommerce Order > Completed and the action as Send Email then click on the Continue button.

create order completed send email automation rule
Create send an email when an order is completed automation rule

Noptin will create the automation rule and then open a page where you can customize the trigger and action.

Step 2: Customize the trigger

By default, the email will always send to any customer whenever they complete an order. We, however, only want to send emails to new customers.

We can do this by checking the New Customers checkbox as shown below.

send order completed email to new customers
send order completed email to new customers

Noptin also allows you to define conditional logic for whether or not to run the trigger. These conditions include (but are not limited to) :-

  • The current date, day, week, month, or weekday.
  • The billing or shipping address.
  • The order total or number of items in the order.

You can combine several conditions to set up highly targeted emails as shown in the example below.

woocommerce order completed conditional logic
Example conditional logic

Step 3: Customize the action

The last step of creating an automation rule is to customize the action. In our case, we’ll have to specify the:-

Email subject…

customize the email subject
order completed email subject

An optional preview text…

completed order email preview text
order completed email preview text

And finally the email heading and body.

email content for new woocommerce customers
completed order email content

That’s all. Do not forget to save your changes after you’re done.

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