Sometimes Noptin won’t be able to send emails to your subscribers. Whenever this happens, the problem will probably be with WordPress (or your SMTP plugin) and not Noptin.

This is because Noptin uses WordPress to send its emails instead of sending them manually.

This guide shows you how to troubleshoot most of the issues which might cause WordPress not to send your emails.

#1 Check that your WordPress installation can send emails?

Most development environments (including Xampp) do not allow you to send emails out of the box.

You can install the free Check Email plugin to check if your WordPress installation can send emails.

Once installed, click on the “Check Email” link under the tools menu in your WordPress dashboard. Enter in an email address to send a test to, and click on “Send test email.”

If your WordPress installation can send emails, there might be a conflict between Noptin and another plugin. Try disabling your plugins one by one and check which one is causing the conflict then email the plugin’s author to fix the conflict.

For those using an SMTP provider, ensure that you have not exceeded your limits and that your account is active.

#2 Use a third-party SMTP provider

The best way to ensure maximum deliverability of your emails is by setting up your WordPress installation to use SMTP. Noptin will then automatically send all your emails using your SMTP provider.

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