How to send a unique WooCommerce coupon code to new email subscribers

One of the easiest ways to get more email subscribers and increase your WooCommerce sales is by sending new subscribers a unique coupon code.

There is one problem though.

Manually creating a new coupon code and sending it to new subscribers is tiresome. And wastes time for both you and your subscribers. That’s why it makes sense to automate the process.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to set-up such a system and automate it.


To follow along with this tutorial, you need to install at least version 3.0 of WooCommerce (Free) and the latest version of Noptin (also free).

You also need to install the Coupon Codes add-on for Noptin. This addon will automatically create new coupon codes when someone subscribes to your newsletter. You can then include the coupon code in your double opt-in or welcome emails using the [[noptin_coupon_code]] merge tag.

Step 1: Create a WooCommerce Coupon Template

We’ll start by creating a WooCommerce coupon template.

A coupon template is just a normal WooCommerce coupon that Noptin uses when creating new coupon codes. All the properties of this template will be copied to the auto-generated coupon codes.

This includes the coupon type, amount, usage restrictions and usage limits. The expiry date and allowed emails is ignored.

To create a coupon template:-

First, open your WordPress admin dashboard then go to Marketing > Coupons > Add Coupon to create a new WooCommerce coupon code.

creating a woommerce coupon code

Next, fill in the fields as if you were creating a normal WooCommerce coupon code. After you’re done, click on the publish button to save your discount code.

Finally, copy the coupon code. This is needed for the next step. In the above example, the coupon code is 20_OFF.

Step 2: Add the Template to Noptin

Noptin needs to know about your coupon template before it can create unique WooCommerce coupon codes for new email subscribers.

To add your coupon template to Noptin:-

First, open your WordPress admin dashboard then click on Noptin > Settings> Coupon Codes to open the coupon code settings.

Noptin woocommerce coupon code settings

Next, enter the coupon code that you created in the previous step into the “WooCommerce Template” input box. In the above example, the coupon code is 20_OFF.

noptin woocommerce coupon template

You can also set the coupon expiry (in seconds). When a new unique coupon code is created, it will expire after the number of seconds that you specify here. You can leave blank if you want the coupon code to last for a lifetime.

Noptin woocommerce coupon template expiry

Finally, click on the “Save Changes” button to save your changes.

From now on, whenever someone subscribes to your newsletter, Noptin will create a unique WooCommerce coupon code that they can use when purchasing from you.

In the next step, we’ll send them their new coupon code.

Step 3: Automatically Send New Email Subscribers their New WooCommerce Coupon Code

Now that we’re automatically creating new coupon codes for new subscribers, let’s set up an automation rule that automatically sends them an email containing their created coupon codes.

To do this:-

First, open your WordPress admin dashboard then click on Noptin > Automation Rules> Add New to create a new automation rule.

Next, set “New Subscriber” as the trigger and “Send Email” as the action then click on the continue button.

Send emails to new subscribers automation rule

Noptin will create the automation rule and open a new page that allows you to configure the automation rule.

Here you can limit the automation rule to people who subscribe via a given form instead of sending the email to all new subscribers.

limit automation rule to specific subscribers

You can also set the email’s:-


noptin new subscriber woocommerce coupon code email subject

Preview text.

Noptin new subscriber coupon preview taxt


Noptin new subscriber coupon email content

After you’re done editing, click on the “Save Changes” button to save your changes.

That’s all.

From now on, when someone subscribes to your newsletter, Noptin will automatically generate and send them a unique WooCommerce coupon code.

Below is an example email.

sample new subscriber coupon code email
  1. Does this add-on ensure that a user cannot abuse the system?
    Meaning: Unlimited Coupons being generated for the same email subscriptions.

    1. A single email address will only get a single coupon code. But if they subscribe with several different email addresses then there is no way we can tell them apart, hence a coupon code will be generated for each email address.

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