Email Subscribers

Sync Subscribers

Have you ever wished that you had several newsletter sign-up forms on different websites that all collected subscribers into a single newsletter list? This guide shows you just how to do that. Step 1: Collect your Sync URL and Secret Key Open the Noptin settings page of one of the websites and click on the […]

Custom Fields

One of the most powerful features of Noptin is its support for custom fields. You can use custom fields to store more information about your subscribers (such as their phone numbers and birthdays). This guide shows you how to create and edit custom fields. Creating Custom Fields To create a new custom field:- First, visit […]

Importing Subscribers

Noptin allows you to import email subscribers from another system into Noptin. To do this, you will first need to download the CSV file containing your email subscribers. You can contact the developers of your newsletter system for instructions on how to download/export the email subscribers into a CSV file or spreadsheet. NOTE: If your […]

Subscriber Lists

Subscriber lists allow you to categorize your subscribers, similarly to how you use normal categories in WordPress. A single subscriber can be on several lists. Unlike tags, subscribers can select their own lists either on the manage subscription form or on the newsletter sign-up forms. There are no limits to how many lists you can […]

Tagging Subscribers

You can use tags to label newsletter subscribers the same way you use them to label normal blog posts and WooCommerce products. This helps you organize your contacts based on data that you already know about them. For example, You can create a newsletter subscription form asking your website visitors to enter their e-mail and […]

Double Opt-in

By default, Noptin comes with double opt-in disabled. This means that new subscribers will be automatically marked as active as soon as they subscribe to your email newsletter. Your email subscribers are not required to confirm their email addresses before they can receive any marketing emails. Sometimes, however, you might want your subscribers to confirm […]


To comply with the CAN-SPAM act and other anti-spamming laws, Noptin allows you to add the [[unsubscribe_url]] merge tag to your emails to give your subscribers a way to unsubscribe from your newsletter. This is added by default to your newsletter’s permission reminder. You can, however, add it anywhere in the emails you send. Customizing […]

Welcome New Subscribers

74% of your subscribers expect a welcome email after they sign up to your email list. A welcome email is the first email that you send to your subscribers after they sign up to your email list. Since manually emailing new subscribers is time-consuming, You can use automation rules to set up an automatic welcome […]

Exporting Subscribers

It is good practice to download a backup of your subscribers once in a while. Here is how to do it:- Click on Noptin > Email Subscribers to open the email subscribers overview page… … then click on the Export button to export all or some of your newsletter subscribers. Noptin will then open the […]

Hiding Forms From Existing Subscribers

It’s annoying when you keep displaying newsletter subscription forms to your existing email subscribers. To hide the forms from existing subscribers:- Open the settings page by clicking on Noptin > Settings … … then check the checkbox that reads “Hide From Subscribers“. That’s all! Your existing email subscribers will no longer see any subscription forms […]

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