An email subscriber is someone who signs up for your newsletter to receive promotional emails or get updates whenever you publish new blog posts.

A subscriber can either be active or inactive. Inactive subscribers will not receive any emails from your website.

When someone subscribes to your newsletter, Noptin will automatically mark the subscriber as active. You can prevent this by activating double opt-in.

Similarly, when someone unsubscribes from your newsletter, Noptin will mark the subscriber as inactive so that they do not receive any future emails.

Viewing your Email Subscribers

To view all your subscribers, click on Noptin > Email Subscribers to open the subscribers overview page.

Subscribers overview page

This page also let’s you:-

  1. Manually add new subscribers.
  2. Import subscribers.
  3. Export Subscribers.
  4. Search for subscribers.
  5. Delete subscribers.
  6. Activate subscribers.
  7. De-activate subscribers.


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