Tagging Subscribers

You can use tags to label newsletter subscribers the same way you use them to label normal blog posts and WooCommerce products.

This helps you organize your contacts based on data that you already know about them.

For example,

You can create a newsletter subscription form asking your website visitors to enter their e-mail and get notified every time you publish a new blog post. You can then instruct Noptin to tag everyone who subscribes via the form with the tag “newpost notifications”.

Finally, you can create a “new posts notification” email and set it to only send to subscribers who are tagged with “new post notifications”. This way, only people who are interested in receiving new post notifications get notified whenever you publish a new post.

new post notifications with tags

Noptin allows you to create and assign your subscribers as many tags as you want. There are no limits! The following sections show you how to manage them.

Heads Up

This is a premium feature that’s only available with the Ultimate Add-ons Pack.

Unlike lists, subscribers cannot self-select their own tags.

Manually tag or untag existing subscribers

To manually tag a subscriber, click on Noptin > Email Subscribers to open the subscribers overview page.

open the email subscribers page

Next, click on the email address of the subscriber you want to tag.

noptin subscriber manage link

Finally, edit the subscriber’s tags then save your changes.

update subscriber tags

You can enter a new tag by typing the name of the tag then pressing enter.

Automatically tag people who subscribe via specific forms.

To do this, first click on the name of a subscription form to open it in the subscription forms editor…

edit form link

… then scroll down to the tags section and select existing tags or create new tags.

From now on, whenever anyone signs-up via the form, Noptin will automatically apply the specified tags to them.

Apply a tag to imported subscribers

When importing subscribers, Noptin allows you to specify tags to apply to all the imported subscribers. All you have to do is provide a comma-separated list of tags to use.

tag imported subscribers

In case the subscribers are already tagged, you can specify the field containing those tags instead.

map subscriber tags

Automatically tag subscribers based on their actions

Noptin allows you to automatically tag or untag subscribers based on which actions they take on your site.

For example, you can automatically tag or untag someone when they:-

  • Sign-up to your newsletter.
  • Open a given email campaign.
  • Click on a specific link in an email.
  • Buy a given WooCommerce product.
  • Make a new WooCommerce order.
  • Join a given list.
  • Leave a given email list.
  • e.t.c

Learn more about automation rules.

Filter subscribers by tags

When viewing a list of subscribers, you can click on any tag to display all subscribers with the given tag.

filter by subscriber tags

Filter email recipients by tags

You can use tags to filter the recipients of your emails. This works for both one-time emails and new post notifications.

To do this:-

Open the email in the email editor then navigate to the “Send” metabox.

email send metabox

Next, change the value of the “Tags” dropdown to either “Only send to subscribers with specific tags” or “Do not send to subscribers with specific tags”.

email send metabox tags drowdown

Finally, select all the tags that you want to filter by.

Please note that Noptin will send the emails to all subscribers who match at least one of the selected tags. If no tags are selected, then the email gets sent to all subscribers who have at least one tag.

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2 thoughts on “Tagging Subscribers

  1. I am trying out this plugin but am unable to find an area to tag users that subscribe using a form.
    The shortcode option for a form also does not work for me.
    When trying to add a tag to a user manually the enter button does not do anything, and the field is a regular text field and multiple tags cannot be added.

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