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Noptin allows you to automatically notify your email subscribers whenever you publish a new blog post.

To do this:-

First, open the email campaigns page by clicking on the Noptin > Email Campaigns link in your WordPress admin dashboard.

open email campaigns page

Next, click on the Automated Emails tab to open the Automations page…

Open the email automations page

… then click on the “Create New Automation” button to create a new automation.

create a new automation

Noptin will load a popup that allows you to select the kind of automated email that you would like to set up. Click on “Post Notifications” to set up an automated new posts notification email.

Select new post notification

Next, give your automated email a name (this is for your reference and is not visible to your subscribers) …

Give your automation a name

… then set the amount of time that Noptin should wait before sending out the notification.

Schedule your automation

Click on the “Continue” button after you are done to save your automation.

Save your automation

Noptin will then create the automated email and open the email editor which allows you to edit the various aspects of the notification.

New posts notifications editor

Editing the a New Post Notification Email

Most of the time you will want to edit the notification email to ensure that it matches your website’s tone.

In the email editor, you can edit every part of your notification including…

… the subject of the notification emails …

Editing the email subject

… the preview text …

… or the main email body.

The email notification body

For example, you can easily add an image to the email body and it will appear on all notifications sent by this specific automation.

When you are done, set the automation’s status as active then save your changes.

Activate email automation

From now on, your email subscribers will be notified every time that you publish a new blog post. This brings more visitors to your website and your email subscribers never miss any post that you publish.

Sample notification emails

NOTE: No notifications will be sent unless you activate the email automation as shown above.

If you ever wish to come back to this page and edit the automation, you can do so by clicking on the name of automation from the automations overview page.

Opening an automation in the editor

Preventing Notifications from Being Sent for Certain Tags and Categories

By default, a notifcation will be sent for all blog posts. There are times when you might want to change this.

For example,

You might only want to send an email notification if a post from the “Important Announcements” category is published.

Or you might not want to send a notification for a given post so you tag it with the “no-notify” tag.

This is possible with the Ultimate Addons Pack.

First, locate the Options box…

New post notifications options

… then select the post type that you want to send notifications for…

Send a notification for a different post type

… and the terms you would like to exclude (or limit notifications to).

Limit notifications to certain terms

Personalizing your Notifications

You can use the following email tags in addition to the default email tags provided by Noptin.

  • [[post_title]] – This will be replaced by the post’s title.
  • [[post_excerpt]] – This will be replaced by the post’s excerpt.
  • [[post_content]] – Will be replaced by the post’s content.
  • [[post_author]] – This will be replaced by the author’s display name.
  • [[post_author_email]] – Will be replaced by the author’s email address.
  • [[post_author_login]] – Will be replaced by the author’s login name.
  • [[post_author_id]] – This will be replaced by the author’s ID.
  • [[post_date]] – Will be replaced by the post’s publication date.
  • [[post_url]] – This will be replaced by the post’s URL.
  • [[post_id]] – Will be replaced by the post’s ID.
  • [[comment_count]] – This will be replaced by the number of comments the post has.
  • [[custom_fields.$field]] – Replace $field with the field name to reference a custom field’s value. (Only available in Noptin version 1.3.0 (yet to be released) )

Using the [[custom_fields.$field]] tag together with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin can very powerful. For example, you can use a custom field to specify different email content for each post instead of using its excerpt or content.

Limit to Specific Lists and Tags

If you have the Lists addon, you can filter the recipients of the notification based on which lists they belong to. All you have to do is select the lists then set whether you only want to send the Notification to members of the list or avoid sending it to members of the selected lists.

Limit notifications to a specif list

The same applies to tags.

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