Visual Email Editor

The visual email editor is a simple to use and a responsive editor for crafting and sending emails to your customers.

The editor is user-friendly as it has inbuilt elements that allow you to drag and drop across your email fields for easier design.

Noptin Email editor
The Noptin Visual Email Editor

Therefore, you do not have to be a programmer to use it.

  • Social Icons Block

    The Social Icons block in Noptin visual email editor allows you to add icons linking to your social media profiles or sites in the email. Adding the Block Navigate to the visual email editor Choose the Social Icons on the left panel to add the block into the email editor Alternatively, Click the “+” button in the…

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  • Columns Block

    The Columns Block allows you to add different types of columns to your email Adding Columns Select Columns: In the block, select the type of column you want to use. Add Content: Click within each column to add content. You can insert other blocks (like images, headings, or paragraphs) into each column. Increase/Decrease Columns Column…

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  • Separator Block

    The separator block in Noptin visual email editor creates a break between two blocks of content with a horizontal line. This helps create a separation between ideas or sections in your content or email Adding a Separator Block Open the visual email editor in Noptin On the left panel, Select Separator to add the separator block in…

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  • Spacer Block

    The spacer block in visual email editor in Noptin allows you to create space between two blocks. To add a horizontal space (between blocks in a row), the spacer block has you covered. Adding a Spacer Block Block Toolbar Options Transform Convert the Spacer block into a Columns or Sections block. Click on the Spacer button on the tool bar to…

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  • Paragraph Block

    The paragraph block is the building block for adding text content in the email editor. Adding the Paragraph Block Alternatively, click on the Add button (+) in the email editor and choose paragraph. Then add content Editing the Paragraph Block Adjust the typography, color, margin and boarders of the block. On the right menu, select…

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  • Heading Block

    The Heading block allows you to add HTML headings to your email. Headings communicate the agenda of your email or sub-headings summarize the paragraphs. Adding the Heading Block On the right panel select Heading to add the heading block in to the email editor. Alternatively, click on the Add Icon in the email editor and…

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  • Image Block

    The image block allows you to effortlessly add images to your email editor. Adding the Image To add the image to the email editor, click the Add Block button (+) and select image. Alternatively, select the Image block from the left panel Choosing the Image There are three ways you can choose an image to…

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  • Raw Block

    Despite Noptin email editor being visual, you can use raw HTML and CSS to modify various elements to your liking. Adding the Raw Code Customizing the Raw Block Add Your Code

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  • Button Block

    The button block allows you to add buttons in the Noptin visual email editor A button highlights a specific call to action (CTA) that you might want your readers to undertake Adding the Button Block Open the visual email editor in Noptin On the left panel, select Button Alternatively, in the email editor, click on…

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