Heading Block

The Heading block allows you to add HTML headings to your email. Headings communicate the agenda of your email or sub-headings summarize the paragraphs.

Adding the Heading Block

On the right panel select Heading to add the heading block in to the email editor.

Alternatively, click on the Add Icon in the email editor and then select Heading

Options to add the Heading Block in Noptin visual email editor

Add content in to the block to make the heading.

On the task bar, you can change the type of heading from Heading 1 to Heading 6. The smaller the value of the heading, the bigger the font.

types of headings in visual editor
Types of headings in Noptin visual email editor

Big headings are used as primary headings, while smaller headings are used as subheadings.

Customizing the Heading Block

Adjust the typography, color, margin and boarders of the heading block.

On the right menu, select Block at the top and then adjust the heading accordingly

Heading Block Formatting

The Heading block in the Email Editor has text formatting features similar to word processing software (such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word):

the heading task bar in visual email editor-Noptin
  • Italics: Emphasize text by making it italic.
  • Bold: Highlight important words or phrases.
  • Text Alignment: Align your text (left, center, or right).
  • Strikethrough: Cross out text when needed.

Click in the heading to reveal the task bar.

Then format the text to be in italics, bold or highlight it by clicking more.

To create a link associated with a heading:

  • Create the heading.
  • On the toolbar, click the link button and add the desired link.
Adding the anchor link your email header
  • When users click the heading, it will open the specified link.

Transform and Move

Transform the Heading block into other blocks (like paragraphs, listicles, or quotes) by clicking the H icon on the task bar.

Move the block above or beneath other blocks using the arrows on the toolbar or by dragging it to a new location.

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