Paragraph Block

The paragraph block is the building block for adding text content in the email editor.

Adding the Paragraph Block

  • Open the email editor
  • On the left panel, select Paragraph
  • Then add content in the editor
How to add the paragraph block in visual email editor

Alternatively, click on the Add button (+) in the email editor and choose paragraph.

Then add content

Editing the Paragraph Block

Adjust the typography, color, margin and boarders of the block.

On the right menu, select Block at the top and then adjust accordingly

how to edit the paragraph block in visual email editor

Text Formatting Features

The Paragraph block in the Email Editor provides text formatting features similar to word processing software (such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word):

Italics: Emphasize text by making it italic.

Bold: Highlight important words or phrases.

Text Alignment: Align your text (left, center, or right).

Strikethrough: Cross out text when needed.

Transform and Move

Transform the Email Editor Paragraph block into other blocks (like headings, columns, or sections) by clicking the paragraph icon.

Move the block above or beneath other blocks using the arrows on the toolbar or by dragging it to a new location.

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