[Paid Memberships Pro] How to filter email recipients by their membership level

Noptin allows you to limit email recipients by their Paid Memberships Pro membership levels. This is especially useful when running a paid newsletter.

This works when sending an email to your WordPress users, WooCommerce customers, and newsletter subscribers. If you’re using an external service to send your newsletters, you can achieve the same by syncing membership-level changes with subscriber tags.


To follow along with this tutorial, make sure that you’re using the latest version of Noptin and the Ultimate Addons Pack. You also need to install at least version 2.9 of the Paid Memberships Pro.

Limiting recipients by their membership levels

First, open the email in the email editor. It doesn’t matter whether this is a one-time newsletter campaign, a new post notification, or a post digest email.

You can limit recipients by their membership levels whether you’re sending it to newsletter subscribers, WooCommerce customers, or WordPress users.

Limit email recipients by their membership levels
Screenshot showing the email editor

Next, locate the “Membership Level” field in the recipients’ meta box and set the membership levels that you wish to filter recipients by.

Noptin set membership levels

You can either enter the membership level ID or name or a mixture of the two.

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