Tracking revenue generated per email

Noptin allows you to track revenue generated per email.

How to enable

Open the Noptin settings page and mark both “Show campaign stats” and “Enable e-Commerce tracking” as shown below.

Enable revenue tracking

The “Enable e-Commerce tracking” checkbox will only show up after you check the “Show campaign stats” checkbox.

How it works

  • When someone clicks on a link in an email campaign and purchases something within 14 days, the email gets credited for the purchase.
  • If the customer clicks on multiple email campaigns before making a purchase, only the last click is credited for the sale.
  • This works for all email types including newsletters, automated email types, and sequences.
  • For recurring mass emails such as new post notifications, lifetime values are stored with the main automation email while the auto-generated newsletter only shows the revenue generated for the send.
  • Revenue is only incremented after payment is complete.
View revenue generated per campaign

Noptin only tracks revenue if the sale was made within 14 days after a link is clicked.

You can use the following snippet to set a different number of days.

	function() {
		// 14 days.
		return 14 * 24 * 60 * 60;

Replace 14 with the number of days you want to use.

Supported Plugins

Revenue is currently tracked for the following plugins:-

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