Subscriber Lists

Subscriber lists allow you to categorize your subscribers, similarly to how you use normal categories in WordPress. A single subscriber can be on several lists.

Unlike tags, subscribers can select their own lists either on the manage subscription form or on the newsletter sign-up forms.

There are no limits to how many lists you can create, and each list can have as many subscribers as you want.

This is a premium feature. If you’re using the free version of Noptin, you will first have to upgrade to a paid plan.

Manage Lists

Unlike tags, you need to create a list before you can add subscribers to the list. This is done on the lists management page.

You can access this page by clicking on the “Email Lists” tab at the top of the subscribers’ management page.

lists management page

This page allows you to create, edit or delete lists. You can also view the number of subscribers in each list. Click on the number of subscribers in a list takes you to a page where you can view all the subscribers in the list.

Manually add or remove existing subscribers from lists

To manually add or remove a subscriber from a list, click on Noptin > Email Subscribers to open the subscribers’ overview page.

open the email subscribers page

Next, click on the email address of the subscriber you want to update.

noptin subscriber manage link

Finally, select or unselect the relevant lists then save your changes.

select subscriber lists

Automatically add people to lists when they subscribe via specific forms.

To do this, first, click on the name of a subscription form to open it in the subscription forms editor…

edit form link

… then scroll down to the lists section and select the relevant lists to add subscribers.

connect form to lists

From now on, whenever anyone signs up via the form, Noptin will automatically add them to the selected list.

Connect a list to WooCommerce or any integration

Noptin allows you to add a newsletter subscription checkbox to the WooCommerce checkout form, WordPress registration forms, and other plugins.

You can associate any integration to any list.

For example,

You can create an “Email Course” list and connect it to the WooCommerce checkout. As a result, whenever someone completes the checkout form, Noptin will add them to the “Email Course” list.

To do this:-

First, click on Noptin Newsletter > Settings to open the settings page.

open noptin settings page

Next, click on the integrations tab then navigate to the appropriate integration.

open noptin integration

Finally, select the lists that you want to connect the save your changes.

connect integration to list

Add imported subscribers to a list

When importing subscribers, Noptin allows you to specify a list to add all the imported subscribers. All you have to do is provide a comma-separated list of lists.

In case the export file already contains lists for each subscriber, you can map the field containing those lists instead.

Only lists that already exist on your site will be assigned. You should therefore create the lists first before importing subscribers.

Automatically add or remove subscribers from a list based on their actions

Noptin allows you to automatically add or remove subscribers from a list based on which actions they take on your site.

For example, you can automatically add or remove someone from a list when they:-

  • Sign-up to your newsletter.
  • Open a given email campaign.
  • Click on a specific link in an email.
  • Buy a given WooCommerce product.
  • Make a new WooCommerce order.
  • are tagged or untagged.
  • e.t.c

Learn more about automation rules.

Filter email recipients by lists

You can use lists to filter the recipients of your emails. This works for both one-time emails and new post notifications.

To do this:-

Open the email in the email editor then navigate to the “Send” meta box.

email send metabox

Next, change the value of the “Lists” dropdown to either “Only send to subscribers in specific lists” or “Do not send to subscribers in specific lists“.

set email recipient lists

Finally, select all the lists that you want to filter by.

Please note that Noptin will send the emails to all subscribers who match at least one of the selected lists. If no lists are selected, then the email gets sent to all subscribers who are in at least one list.

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