To comply with the CAN-SPAM act and other anti-spamming laws, Noptin allows you to add the [[unsubscribe_url]] merge tag to your emails to give your subscribers a way to unsubscribe from your newsletter.

This is added by default to your newsletter’s permission reminder.

sample permission reminder

You can, however, add it anywhere in the emails you send.

Customizing your newsletter unsubscription page

You can change the message shown to a subscriber or redirect them to a completely different page (or website).

To do this:-

  1. First, open the Noptin settings page by clicking on Noptin > Settings in your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Next, click on “Messages” to open the general settings tab.

You can either change the subscription message…

change newsletter unsubscription message

… or set a URL to redirect people who unsubscribe from the newsletter.

redirect after unsubscription

That way, you can display a survey asking those subscribers why they unsubscribed from your newsletter.

newsletter unsubscription survey

Deleting subscribers after they unsubscribe from your newsletter

You can use automation rules to delete subscribers after they unsubscribe from your newsletter.

To do this:-

First, click on Noptin > Automation Rules > Add New to create a new automation rule.

Create a new automation rule

Next, select “Subscriber > Unsubscribed” as the trigger and “Subscriber > Delete” as the action then click on the Continue button.

delete subscriber after they unsubscribe from newsletter

Noptin will open the automation rule’s edit page.

You can use conditional logic to conditionally run the automation rule.

Remember to save the automation rule after you’re done.

Giving unsubscribers an option to resubscribe

Someone might click on the newsletter unsubscription link by mistake. Luckily, Noptin offers a re-subscription link via the “[[resubscribe_url]]” tag. This tag can be used in your unsubscription success message as well as in your emails.

This merge tag will not work if you have enabled the “Delete subscribers” option in the previous option.

5 thoughts on “Unsubscribing

  1. How is the unsubcribe link generated? I want to send emails from external mailing and include unsubsciption link for each email? How can I generate unsubscription link ?

  2. Thanks for this response. I was ablo to track at some level but I couldnt figure out the decoding, is it appying rawurlencode() function to encode and rawurldecode() to decode? What is the encoding/decoding algorithm?

    1. We use openssl_encrypt to stop anyone from guessing the URL. https://github.com/hizzle-co/noptin/blob/6b8c83d75a9cd0ddd645ace42ee0722ea482efbd/includes/functions.php#L1413

      I would suggest you use the [[unsubscribe_url]] merge tag then copy-paste the email and send it through Noptin as a RAW HTML email. That way, no template will get applied and you’ll still be able to use your external system.

      If that’s not possible, I would suggest you implement your own unsubscription mechanism. You can call unsubscribe_noptin_subscriber( $email_address ) to unsubscribe a contact.

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