Notify the site admin when there’s a new subscriber

This guide shows you how to notify the site admin whenever there’s a new subscriber.

To do this:-

First, click on Noptin > Email Campaigns > Automated Emails to open the automated emails overview page.

Open automated emails management page

Next, click on the New Automated Email button then select “Subscriber > Created” as the email type…

… and Manual Recipients as the recipients.

Noptin will open the campaign editor, allowing you to set the subject, content and recipient of the email.

notify admin when theres a new subscriber

Important: Ensure you set the recipient email field to your email address. If you do not, Noptin will send this email to the subscriber instead of the admin.

Conditional Logic

By default, Noptin will send the email for all subscribers. You can use conditional logic to conditionally send the email depending on the sign up form, source, tags, etc.

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