It’s annoying when you keep displaying newsletter subscription forms to your existing email subscribers.

To hide the forms from existing subscribers:-

Open the settings page by clicking on Noptin > Settings

open settings page

… then check the checkbox that reads “Hide From Subscribers“.

hide email subscription forms from existing subscribers

That’s all! Your existing email subscribers will no longer see any subscription forms or popups.

However, subscribers that you imported from another system or website will still see the forms. This is because different newsletter systems use different cookies to identify subscribers.

There are three different ways to overcome this depending on what system you used to collect those subscribers.

  1. Setting an extra subscription cookie.
  2. Using URL variables.
  3. Using HTML.

If the other email service lives on the same website as Noptin, you can add their cookie to Noptin via the Noptin settings page.

set an alternative subscription cookie

If you do not know the name the cookie, get in touch with the developers of the plugin and they will help you out.

By setting this cookie, subscribers who signed up ( or sign up ) via the other system will not see any Noptin subscription forms. Similarly, subscribers who sign up via Noptin will not see the other service’s opt-in forms.

Hiding Opt-In Forms using URL Variables

If the other service does not live on the same website as Noptin, you can not use cookies to identify existing subscribers.

This is because cookies can only be accessed from the website that they were set.

You can however use a special URL variable to hide opt-in forms from visitors who signed up using such a service.

Hide newsletter subscription forms using a URL

When you append the noptin_hide query variable to any URL, email subscription forms will not show up on the URL (or any URLs that the visitor opens during the session).

This is done automatically for emails that are sent via Noptin. You can, however, do the same for emails that you send via other services.

Hiding Opt-In Forms Using HTML

If the above fail, or if you need your subscribers to mark themselves as subscribed, you can use any clickable HTML element that has a ‘noptin-mark-as-existing-subscriber‘ class.

This element does not have to be on an opt-in form for it to work

Hiding forms using a CSS class

Whenever someone clicks on the element, Noptin assumes that they are already subscribed to your newsletter.

Now all you have to do is set Noptin to hide opt-in forms from existing subscribers and they will no-longer see any newsletter subscription forms for 30 days.

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