What is an Automation Rule?

While you can send email newsletters to all subscribers on your list, automation rules let you add enhanced marketing automation to your newsletter.

For example,

You can email someone a coupon code when they sign up for your newsletter or welcome first-time customers to your WooCommerce store.

What is an Automation Rule?

An automation rule consists of a trigger (or event) and an action. The action is automatically carried out every time the trigger is fired.

For example,

An automation rule might be set up to automatically send an email to a customer when they sign up for a newsletter, or to send a series of emails to a customer over a period of time to nurture a lead.

Automation rules can help email marketers save time and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns by automating repetitive tasks and ensuring that the right messages are sent to the right customers at the right time.


A trigger is a condition or set of conditions that must be met in order for the rule to be carried out.

For example,

An automation rule might be triggered when a customer places an order, when a user completes a form on a website, or when a subscriber clicks on a link in a given email campaign.

Triggers are an important part of automation rules because they determine when the rule will be executed, and they help ensure that the right actions are taken at the right time.


An action is a task that is carried out when the conditions specified in the rule are met.

For example,

An automation rule might include an action to send an email to a customer, to update a WordPress user, or to add a tag to a subscriber.

Actions are an essential part of automation rules because they determine what will be done when the conditions specified in the rule are met. By defining the actions that should be taken, automation rules can help organizations streamline their processes and improve efficiency.

How to Create an Automation Rule

First, click on Noptin > Automation Rules to open the automation rules page…

open automation rules overview page

… then click on the add new button to create a new rule.

Add a new automation rule

Wait for Noptin to open the automation rule creation page…

automation rules creation page

… then select a trigger …

select the trigger

… and an action …

select action

… for your rule then click on the Continue button to save the rule.

Save the automation rule

Noptin will save the rule and then open the rule’s edit page.

automation rules edit page

Here, you can edit the trigger …

edit automation rule edit trigger

… and the action …

edit automation rule edit action

… then save your changes.

In the future, you can edit the rule by clicking on the name of the rule on the automation rules overview page.

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