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What Is Noptin?

Noptin is a lightweight and simple newsletter plugin for WordPress, built for human beings.

It helps you grow your email subscribers and notify them whenever you add new content to your website.

As a result:-

You build better and longer lasting relationships with your website visitors.
You grow your website traffic since your email subscribers receive new post notifications right in their inboxes.
Your biggest fans never miss out on your newest and greatest content.

Here is a sample newsletter subscription form…

sample newsletter form

… and here is a sample new post notification email send by Noptin.

Noptin is lightweight and works on both shared hosting and state of the art VPS hosting. You do not need to use SMTP to send emails (though we recommend that you use SMTP).

If your WordPress installation can send emails then Noptin can also send emails. It’s that simple.

Noptin will automatically use SMTP if you have an SMTP plugin installed on your WordPress website.
Noptin does not add a “Powered by Noptin” note on any of your subscription forms or emails.
Noptin is 100% GDPR compatible.

How is it used?

Core use cases for Noptin include (but are not limited to):

Tempt potential customers with a coupon code popup just before they abandon their shopping cart.
Let your blog readers subscribe to your newsletter and automatically notify them everytime you publish a new blog post.
Send your newsletter subscribers beautiful emails containing any content you like.
For example,
send them an email containing a time-sensitive offer and increase your revenue.
Use our high converting email subscription forms to collect subscribers and automatically add them to MailChimp, ConvertKit or your favorite email service provider.
Manually send your newsletter subscribers emails every weekend containing a round-up of the previous week’s best content.
Manually send your subscribers emails every weekend containing a round-up of the up-coming week’s events.
Display your contact forms inside a popup.

Noptin is a free and open-source software licensed under GPL version 2+. This means that you can modify any part of the plugin, bundle it with your software or redistribute it without asking for approval from us. If you wish to contribute with bug fixes or improvements then check out our GitHub repository.

This guide shows you how to install and set up Noptin for free.

If you still have questions after reading the guide, do not hesitate to shoot me a message.

Getting Started

Creating your first email opt-in form

Noptin supports four different types of newsletter subscription forms:-

Sliding Forms
sliding newsletter subscription forms
This forms slide into view
Shortcode Forms
Shortcode form example
These forms can be embedded anywhere using a shortcode

Popup Forms

sample popup form
popup email subscription forms appear above other content

And Widget Forms

noptin widget form
widget forms can be added to any widget area supported by your theme

How to add an opt-in form inside your post content

The easiest way to add an opt-in form inside your post content is by using the Newsletter Opt-in Block.

Note: This method of creating an opt-in form only works if you are writing your post via the new WordPress editor.

To do that:-

  1. Open your post (or custom post type) in the new WordPress editor.
  2. Click on the + icon to add a new block.
  3. Search for newsletter then click on the Newsletter Optin block.

This will create a subscription form that looks like this:-


Click the above title to edit it. You can also edit this section by clicking on it.

Even though you can change the texts and colors, this method of creating a newsletter subscription form does not allow for much customization. That is why Noptin comes with a state of the art live Opt-in forms editor.

This editor allows you to create a form then automatically embed it before/after your content. You can also embed the form anywhere else on your website using a shortcode.

To create a form using the editor:-

  1. Click on Noptin > Email Forms to open the forms overview screen.
    noptin open forms overview
  2. Next, click on the Add New button to create a new opt-in form.
    create new optin form
  3. Noptin will create a new form and open it in the opt-in forms editor. You can use the sidebar to make any changes to your form then publish it.

The most important thing is to decide how you would like to display your email subscription form. This can be set in the Basic Options of the Settings tab.

setting how you want to display your form

If you select the “Displayed in a popup” option, Noptin will automatically display your opt-in form on the front end as soon as you publish it. You do not need to take any extra steps.

If you select the “Embedded in a post” option, you will have two ways of displaying your form on the front-end.

  1. Using the shortcode shown below the form.
  2. Automatically adding it before or after your post content. This can be enabled by selecting an option in the dropdown that appears below this setting.

The third option is to display your Opt-in form inside a widget.

Displaying Widget Forms On The Front-end

Noptin provides a widget for showing forms created using the Opt-in Forms Editor. It is called “Noptin Premade Form”.

To add the widget on your website:-

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance > Widgets.
  2. Drag the Noptin Premade Form widget to the widget area of your choice.
  3. Finally, select the form you want to show in that Widget area then click on the Done button.

Note: Only widget forms will appear in the dropdown.

If you would rather not use the Opt-in Forms editor to create your email subscription widget, you can use the Noptin New Form widget to quickly create and display a new form. However, such forms won’t benefit from advanced features such as conditional display rules.

Now that you have added various opt-in forms to your website, it is time to check if people are actually subscribing.

Viewing Email Subscribers

You can view and export all your email subscribers via the subscribers’ overview page. To open this page, click on Noptin > Email Subscribers.

subscribers overview page

This page contains a paginated list of your subscribers. You can click on any subscriber’s email address to view more details about the subscriber.

view subscribers details

What use is there to have a list of subscribers if you cannot contact them. Luckily, Noptin provides two ways to contact your subscribers.

First, you can use an addon to connect your email service provider and then automatically send new subscribers to your email service provider.

The second method is to use our built-in newsletter feature.

Emailing your subscribers

You can email your subscribers via the Noptin > Email Campaigns page. Simply click on the Compose new email button then compose and send your email.

compose a new newsletter email

Noptin will then send your email and show you the count of people who received the email, opened it or clicked on any link in the email.

That’s all you need to know about Noptin. Next, you can go ahead and learn more about our email opt-in forms.

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