Noptin is a fast and lightweight newsletter plugin for WordPress, built for human beings.

It allows you to collect email addresses from your website visitors and notify them whenever you add new content to your website.

You can also send an email to all your newsletter subscribers at once.

As a result:-

  • You build better and longer-lasting relationships with your website visitors.
  • Your grow your website traffic since your email subscribers receive new post notifications right in their inboxes.
  • Your biggest fans never miss out on your newest and greatest content.


The free version of Noptin has no limits. You can collect as many subscribers as you want and send them as many emails as you want. The only limits are those that are imposed by your web host.

For example,

Many web hosts have limits on the number of emails that you can send each day. This is why we recommend that you install a WordPress SMTP plugin and use it to send your emails. Noptin will work with any SMTP plugin that you install.

You can also use Noptin to collect email subscribers and send them to your own newsletter service provider. Please check our addons page to see if we integrate with your provider.

Getting Started

If you’ve not yet installed Noptin, please take a look at our installation guide. Installation is free and only takes a few minutes.

After installation, the first step is deciding how you’ll collect your email subscribers.

The easiest way to collect email subscribers is by adding the [noptin] shortcode to your content or text widget.

This will render a newsletter subscription form such as the one below.

By default, the shortcode only displays the email input field and the subscribe button. You can, however, display as many custom fields as you want, change the label of the subscribe button, display the fields on a single line, hide/show the input labels and so much more.

Noptin also comes with an advanced form builder that you can use to create newsletter subscription forms and append them to your posts, widget areas, or display them in pop-ups.

It also integrates with other popular plugins, allowing you to use those plugins to gain new email subscribers.

For example,

You can add a newsletter sign-up checkbox to your:-

You can also use forms from the following plugins as newsletter subscription forms.

If you’re migrating from another email client, please check out our guide on how to import email subscribers.

Managing Subscribers

You can view and export all your email subscribers via the subscribers’ overview page. To open this page, click on Noptin > Email Subscribers.

subscribers overview page

The subscribers’ overview page contains a paginated list of all your email subscribers. It also allows you to:-

  1. Bulk activate / deactivate your email subscribers.
  2. Delete all or some of your email subscribers.
  3. Import or export your email subscribers.
  4. Search through your email subscribers.

Clicking on any subscriber’s email address will reveal more details about the subscriber.

Single subscriber's page

This page also allows you to:-

  1. Delete a subscriber.
  2. Re-send the double opt-in confirmation email (if the subscriber is yet to confirm their email address).
  3. Activate / Deactivate the subscriber.
  4. Or edit the subscriber’s details.

Welcome Emails

You can set up Noptin to send a welcome email or a series of welcome emails to your newsletter subscribers. These can include a link for the customer to download a PDF e-book, a unique coupon code, or even act as an email course.

The free version of Noptin does not come with the ability to set up welcome emails. To be able to do so, you’ll have to install the ultimate addons pack.

Automation Rules

Automation Rules are the most powerful feature of Noptin. They allow you to save time and increase revenue by automating your email marketing.

An automation rule is made up of a trigger and an action. When the “trigger” happens, Noptin will automatically do the “action”.

Triggers include:-

  1. Someone signing up to your newsletter.
  2. A subscriber opening a given email.
  3. Someone clicking on a specific link in an email.
  4. Buying a given WooCommerce product.
  5. Making a new WooCommerce order.
  6. Joining an email list.
  7. Being removed from an email list.
  8. Tagging a subscriber.
  9. Untagging a subscriber.
  10. Unsubscribing from the newsletter.

Actions include:-

  1. Sending the subscriber an email.
  2. Updating a subscriber’s custom field.
  3. Adding the subscriber to an email list.
  4. Removing the subscriber from an email list.
  5. Tagging the subscriber.
  6. Untagging the subscriber.
  7. Generating a unique coupon code for the subscriber.
  8. Scheduling an email to send to the subscriber at a later date.

Email Campaigns

You can email your subscribers via the Noptin > Email Campaigns page. Simply click on the Compose new email button then compose and send your email.

compose a new newsletter email

Noptin will then send your email and show you the count of people who received the email, opened it, or clicked on any link in the email.


Noptin only works on self-hosted WordPress websites. If you don’t know what WordPress is then see this first. Before you install Noptin, ensure that:- Your WordPress version is at least version 5.0 (The latest version is recommended). You are using PHP version 5.3 and above (Version 5.6 and above is required to inline your email CSS). Noptin […]


Translating Noptin into your language is easy. This is useful, for example, when you want to change the text shown on the double opt-in confirmation emails. To translate Noptin:- First, log in to your WordPress admin dashboard then click on the Plugins > Add New link to open the plugin installation page. Next, search for […]


Noptin comes with several shortcodes that you can use to display :- Newsletter subscription forms on your site. The number of subscribers that you have on your site. A specific subscriber field. Exclusive content to your newsletter subscribers. And specific content to non-subscribers. Email Address Subscribe Leave this field empty if you're not a robot: […]


Noptin is fully compatible with the latest version of WPML allowing you to run a multilingual newsletter. Translate Forms You can translate your newsletter subscription forms into each of your site’s languages. To do this:- Click on Noptin Newsletter > Subscription Forms to open the subscription forms overview page… … then click on the + […]


Noptin is fully compatible with the latest version of Polylang allowing you to run a multilingual newsletter. Translate Forms You can translate your newsletter subscription forms into each of your site’s languages. To do this:- Click on Noptin Newsletter > Subscription Forms to open the subscription forms overview page… … then click on the + […]
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