Noptin is fully compatible with the latest version of WPML allowing you to run a multilingual newsletter.

Translate Forms

You can translate your newsletter subscription forms into each of your site’s languages.

To do this:-

Click on Noptin Newsletter > Subscription Forms to open the subscription forms overview page…

open subscription forms overview page

… then click on the + sign to translate the form into a new language.

translate newsletter form wpml

That’s all.

Every time you display a subscription form on your website, Noptin will try to display the translated version whenever possible.

Translate Settings

To display confirmation messages and send double opt-in emails in the subscriber’s language, you have to first translate the plugin settings.

To do this:-

Click on WPML > String Translations to open the string translations module…

wpml string translation

… then use the display filter at the top of the page to search for Noptin settings.

filter string translations

Finally, click on the + icon on each language to translate the setting to that language.

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