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For WordPress and WooCommerce

Automate your Email Marketing 💌

Save time by setting up automated email campaigns that get sent to your website visitors and customers on auto-pilot.

*Thousands of websites already use Noptin to power their newsletters

Take your Business to the Next Level

Noptin is fast and lightweight. It only comes with the features you need to automate your marketing. By automating your marketing, you can save all the money that you would have instead used to hire a full-time marketing team.

increase revenue

Increase your revenue

Make more money from your WooCommerce store by automatically sending new email subscribers or customers a coupon code.

You can also send them follow-up emails requesting them to review products that they bought or showing them how to use those products.

You can also notify your existing customers whenever you publish new products in your store.

get more traffic

Get More Traffic

Get more traffic to your website by automatically notifying your email subscribers whenever you publish a new blog post.

You can also send your subscribers a daily, weekly, or monthly email of all your latest website content.

get more email subscribers

Get More Email Subscribers

Noptin allows you to easily create newsletter subscription forms and add them to your post content, footer, sidebar, or other widget areas.

You can also add newsletter subscription checkboxes to your existing contact forms, checkout forms, and user registration forms.

communicate with subscribers

Communicate with your Subscribers

Easily send a one-time email to all your email subscribers, WooCommerce customers, or WordPress users without leaving your website.

If you’ve connected Mailchimp or any other supported integration, you can also send an email to those subscribers without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

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