Why use Noptin?


Noptin stays blazing fast by utilizing your current plugins instead of doing everything on its own.


No need to purchase a newsletter add-on for each plugin on your site.


You can use Noptin for simple connections or set up a complex automated email marketing system.

Collect email subscribers

Noptin provides lots of methods to collect email subscribers and grow your list.

Subscription Checkboxes

You can add a newsletter subscription checkbox to your contact forms, comment forms, user registration forms, or checkout forms.

Popup Forms

You can create unlimited popup forms and display them when someone clicks on an element, is about to leave, or scrolls x% of a page.

Subscription Forms

Create newsletter subscription forms and display them below your blog post, footer, sidebar, or any other place on your site that accepts shortcodes or blocks.

Easily send bulk emails

Noptin allows you to send personalized one-time bulk emails or automated new post notifications and digest emails to:-

Create simple no-code automation rules

You can automate your email marketing by specifying actions to run whenever something happens. Common use cases include:-

Sending welcome emails to new subscribers, users, and customers.

Adding contact form submissions to your CRM or email provider.

Notifying commenters when their comment gets replies.

Tagging contacts in your CRM when they purchase certain products.

Untagging contacts when their order is refunded.

Sending automated review reminder emails.

Alerting customers when their payment cards are about to expire.

Syncing your WordPress users with your CRM or email service provider.

Easily start a

Paid Newsletter

You can easily create a paid newsletter using Noptin and Paid Memberships Pro.

This way, you own all your data and avoid paying high commission fees.

Drag and Drop

Email Editor

Noptin comes with a drag and drop email editor that is built on top of the WordPress block editor.

You don’t have to be a designer to create beatiful emails.

Works well with others

Noptin integrates seamlessly with other popular WordPress plugins and services, saving you from having to install different newsletter add-ons for each plugin on your site.

Connect your CRM

You can use Noptin as a standalone CRM or connect it to an external CRM. If you connect an external CRM, the above plugins will also get connected by default.

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