WordPress Comment Forms

This guide shows you how to a newsletter subscription checkbox to your WordPress comment forms. You can then later notify them every time you publish a new blog post so that they can come back to your website and read it.

To do this:-

First, click on “Noptin > Settings” to open the Noptin settings page.

Open noptin settings

Next, click on the Integrations tab to open the integrations settings then scroll down to the “Comment Form” integration…

scroll to comment form integration

… then enable the integration by checking the “Enable integration” checkbox.

enable comment form integration

Noptin gives you two options:-

  1. Automatically add someone to your newsletter when they comment on your posts.
  2. Show them a newsletter subscription checkbox on the WordPress comment. Commentor will only be added to your newsletter if they check the checkbox.

You can toggle between the two modes by toggling the “Manual Subscription” checkbox.

Toggle between manual and automatic subscription

If you decide to display a newsletter subscription checkbox on the comment form, a new input field will appear allowing you to set the label of the checkbox.

Subscription checkbox message

That’s all.

From now on, whenever someone leaves a comment on your website …

sample comment form subscription

… they will be added to your Noptin subscribers’ list.

sample comment form subscriber

Setting Subscriber Lists

The lists addon allows you to set the list where subscribers who sign up via the comment form should be added.

set subscriber list

In the above example, you can set up new post notifications that should only be sent to subscribers in the “New Post Notifications” list.

filter new post notifications list
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