You can create newsletter subscription forms using WPForms and then add new submissions to Noptin, Mailchimp, or any other email service provider that we support.

To do this:-

First, click on any WPForms form to edit it …

click on a form to open it in wpforms

… then click on the settings tab to open the form settings.

open wpforms form settings

Next, click on the Noptin panel to open the Noptin settings.

open wpforms form noptin settings

Finally, enable Noptin subscriptions…

enable wpforms noptin subscriptions

… then map the fields on your WPForms form to Noptin fields.

map wpforms fields to noptin fields

Remember to save your changes.

That’s all.

From now on, whenever someone fills your WPForms form…

wpforms sample subscription form

… they will be added to your Noptin subscribers’ list.

sample wpforms email subscriber

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