Easily group subscribers using lists depending on which forms they use to sign up to your newsletter. You can then send different emails to users in different lists.

This addon does two things:-

  1. First, it lets you group subscribers into lists depending on which methods they use to sign up for your newsletter.
  2. Second, it lets you limit the recipients of an email to subscribers in specific lists.

For example,

You can create a “New Post Notifications” list…

Creating a new posts notifications list

… then set-up an automated new posts notification email that should only be sent to subscribers on that list.

Filter new posts notifications lists

Next, you add a newsletter sign-up form below all your blog posts and link it to the “New Post Notifications” list.

link form to list

From now on, when someone signs up to your newsletter using this form, they will be added to the list. Similarly, when you publish a new blog post, only users in that list will be notified.

This addon also works closely with the other integrations including WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

As you can see, the use cases are limitless. You no longer have any excuse to keep sending the same generic emails to all subscribers on your list.

You can group them into lists and only send them the emails that they would love to read. This makes them more likely to open your emails and reduces the unsubscription rate.

Why you should get this addon

Most of the time, users who sign up for your email list because you promised to notify them every time you publish a blog post won’t like it if you keep sending them discounts and offers. This will most likely lead to them adding you to the spam list.

However, those who signed up because you promised to notify them whenever there is a new offer, will love it when you notify them about the offer.

This addon allows you to keep both groups happy. All you have to do is add them to different lists and send each list the emails that they signed up for.

This not only leads to more open rates and conversions but also ensures that your subscribers are happy and less likely to unsubscribe from your email list.

Coming up next

The next release of Noptin introduces Automation Rules.

An automation rule is simply an action that should automatically happen whenever another action (trigger) happens.

For example, you can set an action to happen whenever someone buys a specific WooCommerce product.

As soon as that release is live, we will release an update to this addon that lets you add or remove someone from a list depending on specific actions, such as buying a given product or submitting your contact form.





Requires WordPress

4.7 or higher

Requires Noptin

1.2.9 or higher

Requires PHP

5.3 or higher


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