Ultimate Addons Pack

The Ultimate Add-ons Pack is a single extension that adds several premium features to your Noptin installation.

This guide shows you how to set it up and get the most out of your installation.


Before you can set up the extension, ensure that you:-

If everything is set up correctly, you can proceed to the following steps.


You do not have to set up everything that is shown in this guide. Only set up the features that you need to use.

Set up welcome emails

The first thing you might want to do is to set up a welcome (or series of welcome) email.

You can use welcome emails to introduce new users to your website, thank new customers, or even offer a mini-email course to new email subscribers.

The following guides show you how to set up these welcome emails.

Set up subscriber tags

You can use subscriber tags to label subscribers similar to how you use tags to label blog posts. This allows you to send your email subscribers highly targeted emails, instead of sending everyone the same generic emails.

The Ultimate Add-ons Pack allows you to:-

  1. Manually add or remove tags from your email subscribers.
  2. Automatically add or remove tags from your email subscribers based on what actions they take on your site.
  3. Only send an email to subscribers with a specific tag.
  4. Only send an email to subscribers that don’t have a specific tag.

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