Introducing Email Campaigns | Noptin 1.2 Release

Noptin 1.2 is probably the biggest release of Noptin since we released the Opt-in forms editor.

It makes it possible to send one-time email newsletters or set-up automated email campaigns such as new post notifications.

Here are some of the highlights from this release:-

Improved Form Overviews

You can now see how many times a specific opt-in form was shown and its conversion rate.

email opt-in forms overview

Clicking on any number in the subscriptions column will show you a list of all subscribers who subscribed using that form.

We also added a Form Type column to make it easier to know what type of form you are looking at. In case it is a shortcode form, you will also see the form’s shortcode in this column.

Finally, you can now filter forms by the form type.

Email Campaigns

This includes one-time email newsletters and automated email campaigns.

One-Time Newsletters

You can send as many newsletters as you want and Noptin will show you a list of all subscribers who opened them or clicked on a link in the emails.

You can personalize your emails using email tags or use a different email template to completely change the look of your emails.

The email editor is very lightweight and simple to use. Composing a new email is similar to creating a new WordPress post.

The Noptin Newsletter Editor

Enter your email’s subject, preview text and body then click on the Save as draft button to save your email without sending it.

When you are ready to send your email, click on the Send Test Email button to send a test email to an email of your choice. This allows you to test the look of your email before sending it to your subscribers.

Sending a test email

If you like the look of your email, you can then click on the publish button to publish it.

Noptin will then send the email immediately or schedule it depending on your settings.

Note: All emails are sent in the background and therefore can scale up to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Automated Email Campaigns

These work the same as one-time newsletters except that they’re only sent when an event is triggered.

For example,

You can send out new post notifications every time a new blog post is published.

new posts notifications setup

Previous versions of Noptin were able to send out new post notifications but this release improves the feature further.

First, you set Noptin to delay the notifications for X minutes/hours/days after your content is published.

In addition, you can also set up several New Post Notifications automation with different configurations and Noptin will take care of the rest.

If you have the ultimate addons pack, you can send new post notifications to other post types (not just blog posts) and limit it to specific terms ( categories, tags etc).

filter new posts notifications


This release contains a couple of bug fixes and speed improvements.

We are one step closer to building the best email opt-in and newsletter plugin for WordPress. If you would like to be part of the journey, you can request new features or contribute your code.

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