Connect Campaign Monitor to Contact Form 7

This integration allows you to:-
  • Either add a Campaign Monitor newsletter subscription checkbox to your Contact Form 7 forms...
  • ... or automatically add new Contact Form 7 form submissions to Campaign Monitor.

To get started:-

You can start using this integration in 3 simple steps:-

1. Install Noptin

To install Noptin:-

  1. Log into your WordPress website’s admin dashboard then navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for “Noptin” in the search box then click on the install button next to the first result.
  3. After WordPress installs Noptin, click on the Activate button to activate the plugin.
Campaign Monitor badge

2. Connect Campaign Monitor

To connect Campaign Monitor:-

  1. First, download the Campaign Monitor addon from your account.
  2. Next, open your WordPress admin dashboard then navigate to Plugins > Add New then click on the upload plugin button.
  3. Upload the Campaign Monitor addon you downloaded in the first step then click on the Install Now button.
  4. Wait for WordPress to install the plugin then click on the Activate plugin button.
  5. WordPress will install the Campaign Monitor addon and then redirect you to a settings page where you can connect Noptin to Campaign Monitor.
  6. Finally, map the Noptin custom fields to Campaign Monitor custom fields.
Contact Form 7 badge

3. Connect Contact Form 7

To do this, open the Contact Form 7 form in the editor then click on the “Noptin” tab to reveal newsletter options.

link form to noptin

Next, map the fields on your form to Noptin fields.

Map newsletter fields to form fields

You can map any field on your form to any of your Noptin custom fields.

If you do not map the “Subscriber Email” field, Noptin will not add new submissions to your newsletter. All the other fields are optional.

Finally, click on the “Save” button to save your changes.

You can also connect Campaign Monitor to your favourite WordPress plugins and forms at no extra cost to you.

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