How to Fix “Ninja Forms Stuck on Processing”

This troubleshooting guide shows you how to fix the “ninja forms stuck on processing” error.

This issue is usually caused by your host (or security plugin) blocking access to admin-ajax.php for non-admin users.

Ninja Forms uses the admin-ajax.php file to process form submissions without reloading the page. If someone who is blocked from accessing the file submits your form, the form will load (process) forever.

WPEngine is one host that sometimes blocks access to this file. If you use it as your web host, try contacting them and asking them to whitelist the file. Or better still try Bluehost, which is our recommended WordPress web host.

If you are using a security plugin, you might want to get in touch with its developer for information on how to whitelist access to the admin-ajax.php file.

In the case of Wordfence

  • First, log in to your WordPress admin dashboard then go to “Wordfence > Firewall” and click on the large button that says “Manage Firewall”.
  • Next, scroll to the “Whitelist URLs” section and whitelist “/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php” as shown.
wordfence whitelist admin-ajax.php

NOTE: Check to ensure that you have not installed any plugin that disables access to /wp-admin/ for non-admin users. If you have, contact the developer and check if there is a way to whitelist the “/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php” file.

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