Automate EmailOctopus and WP Recipe Maker

You can combine any triggers and actions to create automation rules that save you time.



  • When a recipe is published
  • When a recipe is unpublished
  • When a recipe is deleted

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  • Add a contact to a List in EmailOctopus
  • Remove a contact from a List in EmailOctopus


  • Tag a contact in EmailOctopus
  • Remove a Tag from a contact in EmailOctopus

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Ready to get started?

You can connect EmailOctopus to WP Recipe Maker 4 simple steps.

First, go ahead and install Noptin.

Next, install the EmailOctopus add-on.

Once you've installed the EmailOctopus addon, Noptin will redirect you to the EmailOctopus settings page where you can connect your EmailOctopus account.

Connect your account and then map the Noptin custom fields to EmailOctopus custom fields.

Finally, create any needed automation rules or automated emails.

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