How to Send Automatic Thank You Emails After a Contact Form 7 Form Submission


A simple gesture like acknowledging a form submission can make a great difference in user experience. For instance, giving additional information or just appreciating a new customer, sets a positive tone for further engagement.

Acknowledging form submissions with automated thank you emails is not just courteous; it’s a strategic way to enhance user engagement and build trust with your audience.

With the right tools, such as Noptin for WordPress, this process can be streamlined and made highly effective. Noptin offers robust automation capabilities that not only save time but also ensure that every interaction with your audience is meaningful and timely.

In this article, we’ll explore why sending thank you emails matters, how you can seamlessly integrate Noptin with Contact Form 7 to automate this process, and provide practical steps to create and optimize your thank you email campaigns.

Why Send Thank You Emails?

Appreciating your customers after they submit a form serves various purposes that enhance the performance of your website as well as the business. For instance:

It shows appreciation to the user

When users take the time to fill out a contact form or complete any interaction on your website, acknowledging their effort with a thank you email shows that you value their time and input. This simple act of appreciation can leave a lasting positive impression and foster a sense of goodwill towards your brand or website.

It provides an opportunity to offer additional information or resources

Other than expressing gratitude, a thank you email presents an ideal opportunity to provide users with more information relevant to their interaction.

Whether it’s links to related content, downloadable resources, upcoming events, or promotional offers, you can use this email to enrich their experience and guide them towards further engagement with your site.

It enhances user experience and builds trust

Consistently sending thank you emails as part of your communication strategy contributes to an overall improved user experience. It demonstrates professionalism, attention to detail, and a commitment to maintaining positive relationships with your audience.

Over time, this proactive communication builds trust and encourages repeat visits or conversions, as users feel valued and supported throughout their journey with your brand.

How to Install Noptin

Follow the tutorial below to install Noptin if you have not done so yet.

YouTube Tutorial on How to Install Noptin Newsletter

Creating Thank You Email Campaign

First, under Noptin, select Email Campaigns > Automated Emails > New Automated Email.

Next, select Contact Form 7

Select Form Submitted > Manual Recipients to open the email editor where you will craft the thank you email

Designing your Thank You Email

Tips for Crafting a Sincere Thank You Email

Personalize the information

Call the customer by their name. When crafting the email use the necessary merge tags such as user’s name or email to make the email personal. It helps create rapport

Be Clear in your Gratitude

Specify what you are thankful for. For example, use phrases like “Thank you, we appreciate” and then offer something extra.

Be Precise

Make use of short, clear sentences. Make sure that your message is arranged in paragraphs.

Check below for a sample thank you email draft.

how to craft a thank you email after receiving contact form submission
A sample Thank you email draft

Automating the Email

Determine how soon to send the thank you email after the form is recieved.

Select Timing and decide the number of hours, days, weeks or months, the thank you email should be delivered.

timing to automatically deliver the thank you email

Conditional Logic

You can filter the type of user to receive the email based on various characteristics such as their language, email or month, among other features by enabling the conditional logic.

conditional logic characteristics

Finally, publish your email

Test your Automation

Preview the email to ensure that the design is as you have set

sample email in Noptin
Preview the email to see the exact email before publishing

Also, send yourself a test email. Using a seperate email, fill the form on your website as would the customer and receive the automated email to ascertain its functionality.


It is good practice to acknowledge the people that respond to your contact form. It shows that you care about the customer and that they are a priority to your business.

In addition, sending a thank you email to a contact form subscriber provides you an opportunity to provide additional information that can be of essence to them.

In the general appreciating your customers’ efforts builds trust from the onset and sets a positive path to future engagements.

Therefore, I urge you to use Noptin when you want to send automatic emails thanking your customers form responding to your Contact Form 7. Once you set the email, it will be delivering the messages to your customers while you focus on other things.

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