WooCommerce Customers

Send email campaigns and notifications to your WooCommerce customers

This add-on allows you to send bulk emails and notifications to your WooCommece customers. This way, you can ask for feedback or offer discounts to your previous customers.

Send an email to your WooCommerce customers

You can limit the recipients of the emails to:-

  • Paying customers.
  • Customers who bought specific products.
  • Exclude customers who bought specific products.
  • Customers who made their last order before a specific date.
  • Customers who made their last order after a specific date.

For example,

You can send an email to customers who bought both product A and product B but have not bought product C. This email can then ask for reviews of both products and include a coupon to buy product C.

Example 2

You can send a coupon email to existing customers that have not ordered anything from your store within the past 3 months, and motivate them to re-order.

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