Ultimate Addons Pack

Allows you to group subscribers using lists and tags, send welcome emails, and set up several automated marketing campaigns.

The Ultimate Addons Pack takes your email marketing game to the next level.

Easily group your email subscribers into lists, tag them the same way you tag WordPress posts, and send them welcome emails.

The Ultimate Addons Pack contains all of our most popular Noptin addons into one file so that you do not have to install each addon separately.

They include:-

Coupon Codes

Get more email subscribers and make even more sales by automatically generating a new coupon code for new subscribers. It works with automation rules allowing you to:-

  1. Turn first-time customers into repeat customers by sending them a new coupon code.
  2. Reward loyal customers with discounts.
  3. Give coupon codes to new subscribers in exchange for their email addresses.

The possibilities are endless.

Custom Post Notifications

While Noptin allows you to send new blog post notifications, it only works for blog posts. It also doesn’t allow you to limit the new post notifications to specific categories or tags.

The Ultimate Addons Pack allows you to send new post notifications for products, listings, or any custom post type that you support on your site.

It also allows you to limit the notifications to specific tags, categories, or custom taxonomies.

Embed Forms On Other Sites

Get more subscribers by embedding your newsletter sign-up forms on any other website, even those that do not use WordPress. People that fill those forms will get added to your newsletter the same way as those that fill the forms on your website.

Manage Preferences

Give your subscribers more control by allowing them to update their subscription details and preferences. They can change their email, name, lists, subscription status, etc.

WooCommerce Customers

Mass email your WooCommerce Customers with new offers and keep them engaged.

WordPress Users

Ever wished to send an email to all your WordPress users? This add-on allows you to do that in a few clicks.

Welcome Emails

Send new subscribers a welcome email, or send them a series of welcome emails to act as an email course.


Lists are just like categories. Group subscribers into lists, and send different emails to people in different lists. Subscribers can also select which lists they want to join, either on the subscription forms or on their manage preferences page.

This way, you do not have to send generic emails to all your subscribers.


Subscriber tags work similar to those tags you use on blog posts. You can tag subscribers and send different emails to people with different tags.

The main difference between tags and lists is that subscribers cannot tag themselves.

Get this add-on and save up-to 90%

A membership gives you access to this add-on and all our premium add-ons for one single price.

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