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Out of the box, Noptin comes with all the features you need to collect email subscribers and send them beautiful newsletters.

However, all subscribers are treated as a single group. The addons pack improves on this by letting you group subscribers using tags.

These tags work the same way as normal WordPress tags. This dramatically makes it easier to manage your subscribers.

For example,

You can now send email newsletters to different users based on which forms they signed up with. Or better still, tag your WooCommerce buyers and send them offers that are specific to them.

Email subscribers of a tag

No more sending the same generic emails to everyone on your email lists.

Here are just some of the benefits you will get with this add-on.

Automatically notify subscribers whenever you publish custom content

Noptin automatically notifies your subscribers whenever you publish blog posts.

This addon improves on that by letting you notify your subscribers whenever you publish content from other post types. Not just blog posts.

For example,

You can set it to automatically notify your subscribers whenever you publish a new product so that they can visit your website and buy it. This works for any post type that you have set up on your website such as events, forum posts, etc.

Limit new post notifications to specific categories, tags, and taxonomies

Your subscribers probably only want to receive notifications whenever you publish meaningful content. Sending out notifications for each post you publish each day will only cause them to unsubscribe from your newsletter.

This addon lets you limit new post notifications to specific taxonomies.

For example,

Imagine you have a “special announcements” category or tag on your website. You create a “new post notifications” email automation and limit it to only send out for this category or tag. This way, your subscribers will only be notified whenever there is a special announcement.

In addition to only sending a notification for specific categories and tags, you can also prevent notifications from being sent out for certain categories and tags.

filter new posts notifications

Send Welcome Emails to New Subscribers

Noptin allows you to send unlimited emails to your newsletter subscribers. This add-on automates this process. You can set up several emails to be sent to subscribers at intervals from when they subscribe.

welcome emails setup

This is useful in a lot of ways.

For example,

You can use welcome emails to introduce yourself or your services to your newsletter subscribers. Easily let them know what you to expect from you. This is a very easy way to sell yourself and your service to your subscribers.

You can also use welcome emails to set up a sales funnel or set up email courses.

Use tags to group subscribers

The main reason that subscribers unsubscribe from your email list is due to the fact that you are sending the same generic email to everyone on the list.

Someone who signed up because you promised to send them a coupon code probably does not want to get notified whenever you publish a new blog post. They might, however, want to get notified when you have another promotion or sale.

This add-on makes it easy to do that.

You can easily tag subscribers based on how they signed up for your newsletter. You can also limit newsletter recipients to subscribers with or without a given tag. This works for welcome emails, post notifications, and other automation in addition to normal newsletters.

For example,

You can set up several welcome emails that show customers how to use the account area of your website. Make sure to limit the recipients of these emails to subscribers that have the tag “Customer”.

You can then set up this addon to automatically tag a subscriber that signed up via a WooCommerce or EDD checkout form with the tag “Customer”. This way, new customers will automatically receive a series of emails showing them how to use the account area of your website.

Other subscribers who sign up via other methods and forms will not receive the emails.

With this addon, you can easily tag subscribers and then set up tag-based email automation that will be sent to subscribers whenever they are tagged.

To tag automatically tag subscribers based on what forms they used to sign up for your newsletter:-

Open the subscription form in the Opt-in forms editor then specify the tags to assign new subscribers as shown below. Now whenever someone signs up using the form, they will be assigned all the tags that you specify.

sample tag form

Now, whenever someone signs up using the form, they will be assigned all the tags that you specify.

Noptin also allows you to add checkboxes or radio buttons of tags on your forms so that subscribers can select their own tags.

You can also manually tag or untag a subscriber by opening their overview page.

view a single subscriber's tags

When you click on any tag, you will be able to see all subscribers in the tag.

view a single tag's subscribers

Clicking on the Add New button allows you to add a new subscriber and automatically assign them the tag. The import button lets you import subscribers from a CSV file and assign them the tag.

Automatically Send a series of emails whenever someone is tagged or untagged

This addon makes it easy to set up emails that will be sent to a subscriber whenever they are tagged or untagged with a given tag.

tag-based automation set up

Example use case,

Imagine that you are offering several courses. It would not make sense to send all the courses to a subscriber at once. With this addon, people can sign up for different courses using different subscription forms.


Email subscribers who opened or clicked on a previously sent email

Ever wanted to send out an email to subscribers who opened a previously sent email? Or clicked on a link in the email?

Well, this addon lets you do just that.

email-based automation setup

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