Schedule Emails

Schedule emails to automatically send out to new subscribers after a specified amount of time.

schedule emails

This addon allows you to:-

  1. Earn money by selling paid email courses using WooCommerce.
  2. Get more email subscribers by offering them a free email course as a lead magnet.
  3. Introduce yourself or your website to users after they create an account on the website.
  4. Send follow-up emails to your WooCommerce customers asking for feedback on the products that they bought or teaching them how to use the products.
  5. Welcome new email subscribers with an automated thank you, an exclusive discount, a link to download your e-book, or just a simple ‘hello’.

The best part is that you don’t have to manually send the emails. With this addon, you can automate everything including repetitive and boring tasks.

Schedule Unlimited Emails

This addon allows you to schedule as many emails as you want. You can use it to create a complex sales funnel with hundreds of emails or a simple autoresponder series with 10 emails that get sent each day after someone subscribes to your newsletter for 10 days.

Here is a sample free course that I created in less than an hour using this addon.

sample email course

Attach Email Schedules to Any Event you Want

Just want to schedule an email for someone who signed up via a specific newsletter signup form? It’s easy.

You can schedule any email and limit it to clients who:-

  • Buy a specific WooCommerce product.
  • Sign up via a specific email form.
  • Create an account on your website.
  • Join a specific email list on your website.

And many more triggers offered by Noptin’s automation rules.

The added benefit of using Noptin’s automation rules is that the addon is not only very lightweight but also fast.

Get this add-on and save up-to 90%

A membership gives you access to this add-on and all our premium add-ons for one single price.

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