Manage Preferences

By default, Noptin only allows users to subscribe to your newsletter. The only way they can unsubscribe from the newsletter is by clicking the “unsubscribe link” at the bottom of your emails.

And when they do that, there is no way of resubscribing to the newsletter.

This add-on makes it easier for your newsletter subscribers to manage their subscriptions by creating a manage preferences area.

Use the [[manage_preferences_url]] merge tag to add a manage subscription link in emails.

When someone clicks on the link, this addon will display an automatically generated page that contains a manage preferences form.

manage preferences page automatic

Only visible custom fields will show up on the form.

Using your own page

You can also use the [noptin_manage_subscription] shortcode to create your own manage preferences page.

create manage preferences page

If you do this, you will need to inform Noptin about this new page by copying the page URL then pasting it into the “Manage Preferences URL” setting field found in Noptin > Settings > General.

That way, when someone clicks the “manage subscription” link in their emails, Noptin will redirect them to manage the correct page.

manage preferences page 1

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