Connect Noptin to your MailerLite account

With this addon, you can:-

  • Get more subscribers by automatically adding all new email subscribers to your MailerLite account.
  • Get more traffic by automatically sending new blog post notifications to your MailerLite subscribers.
  • Save time by sending one-off newsletters to your MailerLite subscribers without leaving your WordPress admin dashboard.

You can connect with your MailerLite account in seconds and start growing your email list straight away.

MailerLite Groups

If you have several MailerLite groups, you can add subscribers to each group based on how they sign up for your newsletter.

For example:-

If someone subscribes via the WooCommerce checkout, you can add them to the “WooCommerce Group” while those that sign up via normal sign-up forms get added to the “Base Group”.

You can assign different groups to each different sign-up method or newsletter subscription form.

The addon also adds two group-based automation rule actions:-

  1. Add someone to a given group when something else happens, for example, after they purchase a specific WooCommece product.
  2. Remove someone from a given group when something else happens, for example, after they get refunded for a specific WooCommerce product.

The possibilities are endless.

Custom Fields

If your opt-in form contains other fields in addition to the email field, those extra fields will also be sent to MailerLite.

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