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This addon adds all new email subscribers to your MailChimp account. You can connect with your MailChimp account in seconds and start growing your email list straight away.

The add-on allows you to connect different email opt-in forms to different lists. This is especially useful if you use several MailChimp lists.

The setup process takes a few seconds. After that, the addons add all new subscribers to MailChimp. Including those that register via the comment and registration forms.

Double Opt-in

By default, new users are automatically added to the list you select without having to confirm their registration.

If this is not what you want, you can enable the double opt-in feature. This way, MailChimp will send a confirmation email to all new subscribers. The user will only join the list after clicking on the confirmation link.

MailChimp Lists

This add-on allows you to set a default list where all email subscribers will be added. You can also assign a different list for any opt-in form that you create on your website.

Custom Fields

If your opt-in form contains other fields in addition to the email list, those extra fields will also be sent to MailChimp. No limiting you to collecting email addresses only.

You can then use these fields (also known as Merge tags) when writing a new MailChimp email campaign.

MailChimp Tags

You can set different tags for each email opt-in form you create. Think of tags as labels for your contacts that help you stay organized.

Tags make it possible to organize your subscribers.

For example, you can create a tag for the main opt-in form on your blog’s homepage. When someone uses the form to sign up for your email list, this addon will include the tag in their contact details.

You can then send a campaign to contacts who have the tag. Or combine several tags to create a highly specialized contacts segment.

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