Add new students to your newsletter, connect lifterLMS to your CRM, WooCommerce, EDD, GetPaid and more

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With this addon, you can:-

  • Add a newsletter subscription checkbox to your LifterLMS checkout pages (manual subscription)…
  • … Or automatically add new students to your newsletter after they checkout (automatic subscription).
  • Use automation rules to connect LifterLMS to WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, or GetPaid and use them as your LifterLMS payment plugins.
  • And so much more.

Get more out of LifterLMS Using Automation Rules

This addon adds 13 new automation rule triggers to your store, allowing you to take any action when a student:-

  1. Enrolls in a course.
  2. Is removed from a course.
  3. Earns an achievement.
  4. Earns a certificate.
  5. Completes a lesson.
  6. Completes a section.
  7. Completes a course.
  8. Completes a quiz.
  9. Passes a quiz.
  10. Fails a quiz.
  11. Creates a new account.
  12. Enrolls in a membership level.
  13. Is removed from a membership level.

The addon also adds a few automation rule triggers including:-

  1. Enroll a user in a course.
  2. Remove a user from a course.
  3. Enroll a user in a membership.
  4. Remove the user from a membership.

For example:

You can add new WooCommerce customers to a certain LifterLMS membership when they buy a certain product…


… or send them an email containing links to other courses when they complete a given course.


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