Coupon Codes

With this addon, you can get more newsletter subscribers and increase revenue by offering them unique time-sensitive discounts and coupon codes

Automatically send new email subscribers a unique coupon code, which not only incentivizes them to join your newsletter but also motivates them to purchase from you.

Better still, you can optionally set the coupon code to expire within a few minutes, hours, or days, further urging your subscribers to act immediately.

This extension can generate a coupon code for the following WordPress eCommerce plugins:-

You can automatically generate a unique coupon code (and send it) when:-

  • Someone subscribes to your newsletter.
  • Someone buys a specific WooCommerce product.
  • Someone reaches a specified lifetime value on your WooCommerce store.
  • A first-time customer buys something on your WooCommerce store.

Tutorial: How to send a unique WooCommerce coupon code to new email subscribers

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