8 Simple Ways to Get More Email Subscribers in 2022

Email Subscribers

By now, you probably know that email will provide you with the highest return on investment. This is because your email subscribers are your fans, ready to purchase your products and read your latest content as soon as you publish it.

This article lists 8 ways to get more email subscribers.

1. Provide Value on Social Media

Since most people prefer to communicate through social media, reach out to them using various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Doing this is simple.

First, create a social post that is full of pure value. It can be a video or a list of tips that work for your audience then post it on your social media platforms.

Finally, pitch your newsletter as a way to get more of this same sort of valuable content.

This ensures that your audience doesn’t get the impression that you are pitching your newsletter out of the blue. It’s a natural extension of the content you just posted in your video or the list of tips or any other related content.

2. Offer a Lead Magnet in Exchange for Email Addresses

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a free resource or gift that you give away for the purpose of gathering contact details. This can be an e-book, video, webinar, product discount, research paper, PDF checklist, etc.

Anyone who wants the free resource will have to provide their address first, then the lead magnet will be automatically emailed to them.

It is no secret that lead magnets are insanely effective. This is because lead magnets give someone a real, tangible reason to sign up for your list.

People are more likely to give you their email addresses if they will get something in return. That’s why offering a lead magnet is so effective.

Avoid using super generic lead magnets i.e. the same lead magnet to every single person that visits your website. Instead, offer up lead magnets that are VERY closely related to what your visitor is reading about.

For example,

If someone is reading a blog post on how to feed a toddler, you can offer a lead magnet that lists the main points in a printable PDF.

3. Maximize Social Proof

Social proof lets potential subscribers know that they are not the only ones subscribing to your newsletter.

There are several ways to add social proof to your site. These include:-

  1. Displaying the number of newsletter subscribers that you already have.
  2. Displaying the number of followers that you have on your social network accounts.
  3. Adding testimonials from your current subscribers.

You obviously don’t want to display your current subscriber count if it is less than 1000 as doing so will negatively affect your conversion rate.

4. Keep your Forms Short and Sweet

Asking your potential clients too much information is a big turn-off and will only lead to most of them abandoning your subscription forms.

Most of the time you will only want to ask them for their email addresses, and maybe their first names in case you would like to personalize the emails they receive.

You should not ask irrelevant questions such as their phone numbers, age, or any other personal information. Keep it short, sweet, and direct to the point.

The simpler the opt-in form, the more likely someone is to subscribe. Remove the name field, if possible, in order to grow your email list faster. Consider removing all other field forms that will not be of help to you except the email address.

Every step you can take to make the form simpler will help you get the email subscribers you want, people don’t like too much of their personal information out there.

What if I need more information?

There are cases where it is necessary to collect more information from your subscribers.

For example,

You might want to collect their birth dates and then automatically send each subscriber a free gift on their birthdays.

In such cases, you can still only collect their email addresses and then later send them a welcome email containing a link to a page where they can manage their profile information.

The fewer the steps between a consumer being interested and them subscribing the higher the conversion rate.

5. Make it easy to subscribe

It is very important to consider where you place your email registration box.

You could add it to the sidebar (either top or bottom), but this is the least effective position.

For best results, make sure that the registration is the main content of the page. you can have it within your content, below, or on top of your page or article.

Include a place to sign up for your email list across your site, on every page. Offer your top-performing lead magnets and do not be afraid to ask for subscriptions.

The more newsletter subscription forms you add to your site, the more email subscribers you’ll get.

You should also use a different color for your subscription button.

85% of shoppers say that color is the primary reason they buy a specific product. Using this knowledge, take advantage of colors to increase the likelihood of someone clicking on your sign-up form.

6. Create a Compelling Offer

Very few people will sign-up for your newsletter in order to “receive regular updates”. They might, however, sign-up to get notified whenever a new job listing is posted on your website.

Be clear about what people will get by subscribing to your newsletter.

Whatever you are offering your potential subscribers has to be very appealing. In as much as you are following the other tips in this guide if your newsletter content is not appealing then very few people will sign-up.

Understand what your targeted customers want and give it to them. You can start by testing different offers in order to understand what suits your customers best.

The crazy idea you never thought would attract subscribers, might be the best idea for your potential subscribers. That is why it is very important to have different tests in order to understand what best suits your potential clients.

You’ll never know until you start experimenting. Therefore, go ahead and start doing the experiments.

7. Use Exit Intent Popups

Despite being controversial, popups have the highest conversion rates of all newsletter sign-up forms.

This is because it is impossible to miss a popup as the overlay takes up the entire screen.

You can use a popup to offer a discount code in exchange for signing up for your newsletter. This not only helps you get more email subscribers but also increases your revenue since your customers will be more likely to purchase when they have a coupon code.

That being said, most popups are annoying. Some people will close your website whenever they see a popup. That’s why it is important to only display popups when someone is already leaving the website.

8. Make it Easy to Share Newsletters

Who better to share your newsletter than your existing subscribers?

Not only does this increase social proof but people are also more likely to sign-up for a newsletter after being recommended by a friend.

In an email that you expect will get a particularly strong reaction, you can encourage your subscribers to forward an email to other people that might be interested in the same or to their friends. Remember to include a link to your newsletter sign-up page in the email.

This way, when someone forwards an email to their friends, their friends will also have a chance to sign-up for the newsletter.

Allow your subscribers to do some of the work for you. When appropriate, include a “share with a friend” link in your email campaigns.

If possible, you should implement a referral system where your newsletter subscribers get rewards for referring their friends.

Don’t forget to include social sharing buttons on your newsletter archive pages.

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