Retrieves the default double opt-in email details.

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File: includes/subscriber.php

function get_default_noptin_subscriber_double_optin_email() {

	return array(
		'email_subject'   => __( 'Please confirm your subscription', 'newsletter-optin-box' ),
		'hero_text'       => __( 'Please confirm your subscription', 'newsletter-optin-box' ),
		'email_body'      => sprintf(
			'%s %s %s',
			__( 'Tap the button below to confirm your subscription to our newsletter.', 'newsletter-optin-box' ),
			__( 'If you have received this email by mistake, you can safely delete it.', 'newsletter-optin-box' ),
			__( "You won't be subscribed if you don't click on the button below.", 'newsletter-optin-box' )
		'cta_text'        => __( 'Confirm your subscription', 'newsletter-optin-box' ),
		'after_cta_text'  => sprintf(
			__( "If that doesn't work, copy and paste the following link in your browser:", 'newsletter-optin-box' ),
			__( 'Cheers,', 'newsletter-optin-box' )
		'permission_text' => __( "You are receiving this email because we got your request to subscribe to our newsletter. If you don't want to join the newsletter, you can safely delete this email", 'newsletter-optin-box' ),


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