Noptin_WooCommerce_Product_Purchase_Trigger::init_buy_trigger( string $product_id, array $item, int $order_id, int $subscriber_id, Noptin_WooCommerce $bridge )

Calls the trigger when a product is bought.

Parameters Parameters


(string) (Required) The product being bought.


(array) (Required) The order item being bought.


(int) (Required) The order being acted on.


(int) (Required) The subscriber for the order.


(Noptin_WooCommerce) (Required) The Noptin and WC integration bridge.

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Source Source

File: includes/automation-rules/triggers/class-noptin-woocommerce-product-purchase-trigger.php

    public function init_buy_trigger( $product_id, $item, $order_id, $subscriber_id, $bridge ) {
        $details               = $bridge->get_order_details( $order_id );
        $details               = array_merge( $details, $item );
        $details['product_id'] = $product_id;
        $details['action']     = 'buy';
        $this->trigger( $subscriber_id, $details );

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