Noptin_New_Post_Notify::render_automation_settings( $campaign )

Filters default automation data

Source Source

File: includes/class-noptin-new-post-notify.php

	public function render_automation_settings( $campaign ) {

		$url = add_query_arg(
				'utm_medium'   => 'plugin-dashboard',
				'utm_campaign' => 'new-post-notifications',
				'utm_source'   => esc_url( get_home_url() ),

		echo '<p class="description">' . __( 'By default, this notification will be sent every time a new blog post is published.', 'newsletter-optin-box' ) . '</p>';

		echo "<div style='margin-top: 16px; font-size: 15px;'>";
			__( 'Install the %s to send notifications for products and other post types or limit notifications to certain categories and tags.', 'newsletter-optin-box' ),
			"<a href='$url' target='_blank'>Ultimate Addons Pack</a>"
		echo '</div>';


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