Noptin_Contact_Form_7::render_panel_content( WPCF7_ContactForm $contact_form )

Renders panel settings.

Parameters Parameters


(WPCF7_ContactForm) (Required) The contact form being edited.

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Source Source

File: includes/integrations/class-noptin-contact-form-7.php

    public function render_panel_content( $contact_form ) {

		// Get the id of the form.
        $form_id = $contact_form->id();

		// Get our settings for the form.
		$settings = get_post_meta( $form_id, 'noptin_settings', true );
		$settings = is_array( $settings ) ? $settings : array();

		// Our custom fields.
        $custom_fields = $this->get_map_fields();

		// Load the settings template.
		get_noptin_template( 'contact-form-7-settings.php', compact( 'contact_form', 'settings', 'custom_fields' ) );


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