Noptin_Abstract_Integration::update_subscriber( int $subscriber_id, array $subscriber_details, mixed $integration_details = null )

Updates an existing subscriber.

Parameters Parameters


(int) (Required) Subscriber id.


(array) (Required) An array of subscriber details.


(mixed) (Optional) Subscriber Integration details.

Default value: null

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Source Source

File: includes/integrations/class-noptin-abstract-integration.php

	protected function update_subscriber( $subscriber_id, array $subscriber_details, $integration_details = null ) {

		// Append integration details to the subscriber.
		$subscriber_details['integration_data'] = $integration_details;

		// Filter the subscriber details for a specific integration.
		$subscriber_details = apply_filters( "noptin_{$this->slug}_integration_update_subscriber_fields", $subscriber_details, $integration_details, $this, $subscriber_id );

		// Filter the subscriber details for all integrations.
		$subscriber_details = apply_filters( "noptin_integration_update_subscriber_fields", $subscriber_details, $this->slug, $integration_details, $this, $subscriber_id );

		// Update the subscriber.
		update_noptin_subscriber( $subscriber_id, $subscriber_details );

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