Show/Hide Forms on Specific Pages

Noptin allows you to show or hide your newsletter subscription forms on specific posts and pages.

By default, however, all forms will appear everywhere. To prevent this:-

First, click on the “Edit” link that appears when you hover over a form to open the form in the opt-in forms editor

open a form in the editor

… then open the Page Targeting panel of the Settings tab to reveal the form’s display options.

Page targeting options

Finally, uncheck the Everywhere checkbox to display the other Page Targeting options.

Note: By unchecking the Everywhere checkbox, your newsletter subscription form will only appear on posts and pages that you specify.

These options allow you to decide where you want to display the form including:-

The Front Page.

This is the main page of you website. It is usually the same page that you see when you visit your domain name.

Displaying the form on the frontpage

The Blog Page.

This is the page that displays a list of all your blog posts.

display form on blog pages

The Archive Pages.

This is the page that displays a list of posts in a given category or tag.

display forms on archive pages

The search page.

This is the page that displays a list of search results.

display form on the search page

Specific Post Types.

To limit the form to specific post types, you only need to check the box that contains the name of the post type. The form will not appear on any post type that you leave unchecked.

display forms on certain post types

Specific Posts and Pages.

You can also hide or limit the form to specific pages.

To hide the form on specific pages, enter the ids or URLs of the posts in the “Never Show On” text box. The ids are not limited to blog posts. This means that you can enter the id of any page or custom post type too and the form will not show up on those.

hide optin forms on certain pages

To only limit the form to specific pages, enter the ids or URLs of the post posts and pages in the Only Show On text box. If you go this route, the other targeting rules will be ignored and hidden.

only show the form on a specific page
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